5 Incredible Things That Happen When You #SupportLocal

Discover Bradenton's #SupportLocal campaign is more than just a slogan. Here are five incredible things that happen when you shift your spending.
Discover Bradenton Support Local

By now, you’ve surely heard about Discover Bradenton’s new #SupportLocal campaign. However, it’s important to understand that this is more than just a slogan. When you make a conscious decision to #ShiftYourSpending to locally owned businesses, you’ll start to make a huge impact!

Here are five amazing things that happen when you support local.

1. You Contribute to the Local Economy

When you choose to spend your money locally instead of online, your sales tax dollars stay in your community, where they belong. This creates more money to build and beautify your hometown. As the community grows stronger, there’s a great need for infrastructure and essential professions, like police officers, firemen, and teachers.

2. You Help Create Local Jobs

Thriving local businesses need a workforce. By spending your hard-earned money with local businesses, you’ll help create jobs for your friends and neighbors. Local businesses are also more likely to offer mentorships and workshops so they can share their knowledge of their craft to other future business owners.

3. You Keep Your Community Unique and Diverse

Supporting local businesses encourages entrepreneurship. When there’s strong support for local businesses in the community, new products and services are introduced into the market. When business owners are comfortable hanging their shingle in your home town, you’ll enjoy a wider selection and more unique retail opportunities.

4. You Help Protect the Environment

You can reduce your carbon footprint by shopping locally instead of ordering items from online stores. This results in less packaging and lower fuel usage. Local businesses also often source their products and ingredients from other local sources, further reducing pollution, traffic congestion, and resource depletion.

5. You Nurture Your Community

Studies show that local businesses donate 250% more to community causes than chains and big-box stores. Small family businesses tend to have a sense of pride in their community and a desire to help their neighbors.

As your community grows and thrives, it will also attract more visitors and new residents. This benefits everyone, as there are more people to dine at local restaurants, shop at local stores, and enjoy our beautiful city.

Starting today, consider making a commitment to consciously #SupportLocal and help us #KeepBradentonStrong. Start by joining the movement and signing Discover Bradenton’s Support Local Pledge. When you do, we’ll send you an electronic book full of local deals and discounts and a free #SupportLocal vehicle decal. CLICK HERE to sign the pledge today!

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