Bradenton Busines Owner Spotlight: Amanda Reichert, Divorce Real Estate Expert

In this week's Bradenton Business Spotlight, we were excited to catch up with Amanda Reichert, a Divorce Real Estate Expert. Here's what she had to say.

Going through a divorce is never easy. Throughout the process, there’s a myriad of emotional, legal, and financial issues that must be addressed.

When it comes to things like selling the marital home, having a compassionate and experienced professional by your side can make all the difference.

Amanda Richert, a top local agent who specializes in divorce home sales, understands the complexities that come with divorce-related real estate transactions. While it’s not always easy, she says working with divorcing couples is her “favorite and most rewarding” aspect of the job.

Amanda, who is a licensed Realtor®, Divorce Real Estate Expert & Expert Witness, and a Real Estate Collaboration Specialist in Divorce (RCS-D), has years of experience working with divorcing homeowners and a variety of professionals including attorneys, mediators, and financial advisors. This unique niche requires communicating with each party equally (and often separately) as well as providing neutrality for her clients as they navigate a very complex time in their lives.

In addition to her divorce real estate experience, she’s also a short sale expert and a property valuation expert specializing in residential assessments. These skills help her expertly guide her clients through their options as they decide what to do with the real estate they acquired during their marriage.

Since many married couples own a home that requires two incomes to maintain, deciding whether to keep or sell it is often a major point of contention. Amanda believes it’s critical for both parties to thoroughly understand their options. As their trusted advisor, she isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions that can help one party decide whether they really can afford to stay in the family home.

The Role of a Divorce Agent

For divorcing couples who decide they cannot or do not want to keep the family home, the process of selling the property and finding new living accommodations can further complicate an already stressful situation. While there’s certainly no shortage of real estate agents in the Tampa Bay area, in this circumstance, it’s critical to find one who knows how to handle the challenges that come with selling a home in the midst of a divorce.

Often, the litigation process can interfere with the home sale, dragging it on for far longer than the average real estate transaction. The resulting financial crunch can impact the credit of both parties, making it more difficult to purchase a home or even qualify for a rental contract.

The crossfire of emotions makes everything more difficult, and working with unskilled or uncaring real estate agents can make matters worse. While some agents might give up when things get tough, Amanda is committed to sticking it out. When it comes to navigating these difficult issues, she says:

It can be hard, but I love a challenge. I often walk into a listing where one of the parties has zero trust in me because they aren’t the ones who set the meeting. But, It brings me so much satisfaction to see how things change when they realize I’m here to serve everyone equally and I truly do have their best interests at heart.

Support Beyond Real Estate

Amanda’s dedication to helping people through the trauma of divorce doesn’t end with real estate. She’s also the founder of The Divorce Connection, an organization that provides trusted, vetted, professional resources and support to individuals dealing with divorce. The organization was originally established in New Hampshire in 2018 and is expanding to Sarasota in June of 2022.

Once launched, the local chapter of The Divorce Connection will host local monthly meetings, which are appropriate for individuals who are negotiating all stages of the divorce process, including pre- and post-divorce. The meetings are moderated by a family law attorney or panel of professionals who work to help attendees deal with the emotional, financial, and legal complexities of divorce.

Amanda is also the author of two books, “House Selling Options During Divorce” and “Navigating Your Options Before Foreclosure.” You can visit her website to request a free copy.

Your Trusted Real Estate Professional

Whether you’re going through a divorce or getting ready to sell your home, relocate, upsize, or downsize, you can trust Amanda to be there for you every step of the way. To learn more, follow her on Facebook or contact her at (603) 377-0281 or

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