Are You Ready to Have a Smashing Good Time?! Check out SMASHED! A Smash Room Experience in Bradenton

Are you ready to blow off some steam in a FUN and exciting new way? Check out SMASHED! A Smash Room Experience in Bradenton!

Let’s be honest, we could all stand to blow off a little steam. Bradenton’s newest entertainment option is one of the absolute best ways to do it!
SMASHED! A Smash Room Experience offers a fun and safe place to spend some time breaking plates, bottles, computers, and tons of other fun items.

When you book a SMASH! Session, you’ll enjoy an experience like no other! Here’s what you can expect…

When you arrive, you’ll suit up in protective gear and choose your “smashers” — like sledgehammers, baseball bats, golf clubs, tennis racquets, crowbars, or surprise mystery items that are guaranteed to destroy anything in your path.

Next, you’ll receive your “Smashables” (plates, bottles, glassware, statues, etc.), one large electronic (computer, printer, small TV, or small appliance), and any add-ons you choose. You can also customize your experience by blasting any type of music you choose into your Smash Room. Now you’re ready to enjoy a fun, heart-pumping, and cathartic experience!

SMASH! Sessions last anywhere from 20 to 120 minutes, depending on how many people you have in your party. The rooms can accommodate up to eight people at a time, or you can book s “Solo Smash.”

This family-owned business opened in the summer of 2020, at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the circumstances were less than ideal, owner Deniz Uzbay says the community response has been extremely positive.

Many of his customers find the Smash Room experience to be extremely therapeutic. He’s hosted everything from teenage birthday parties to divorce parties, moving parties, and more. You can even schedule a “BYOS” (Bring Your Own Smashables) session, where you provide the items you want to destroy (family relics, photos of your ex, etc.)

SMASHED! is located at 441 Cortez Rd. W. Bradenton, FL 34207. They’re open on Fridays from 3 pm to 10 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 10:30 pm. On Monday through Thursday, they host private events and team-building events.

Check out their website to book your Smash Session. When you do, be sure to tell them you heard about it on Discover Bradenton! You’ll also want to follow them on Facebook and Instagram so you can keep up with all the latest news!

Want to get even more pumped up for your Smash Room adventure? Take a look at the video below…

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