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Hunsader Farms 31st Annual Pumpkin Festival

October 15, 2022 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

This bradenton event appears to have expired and may be removed soon.

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    One thought on “Hunsader Farms 31st Annual Pumpkin Festival

    • Disappointed 2022 2 years ago

      The Pumpkin Festival use to be a great place for families to go enjoy a day out. There was something for everyone, great food for Dad, crafts for Mom, and fun for the kids. It’s getting to pricey for families and is no longer worth the admission. $5.00 parking and $15.00 for adult admission makes it too costly for families anymore. Parking in a their lumpy, bumpy field (and if it’s rained, ridiculously muddy) is hard on cars. The live entertainment certainly isn’t what it used to be (and I probably wouldn’t mind paying that admission price if it was better). The craft section is half empty; and from what I’ve heard from vendors their spaces are very pricey and they have trouble breaking even or making any kind of money when the admission prices are that high. They’ve stated you can go to free craft shows anyplace this time of year and their booth fees are much less than here. There are extra costs everywhere once you enter the grounds (including the kids areas), so they are raking in more money there.

      I checked on their KOA tent camping sites, and found them to be $80.30 a night for the last weekend of the Festival! Seriously!!!! For tent camping???? The amentities don’t warrant prices like that!

      I don’t mind at all paying reasonable admission prices, but it seems the Hunsaders are getting greedy by going up and up on prices every year and probably eventually going to price themselves right out of business on this event. They seem to be weeding out average families, and catering to the rich that will only come back once rather than from year to year. Sad, but true. This used to be a yearly event for my family and many more that I know of, but no more. We used to recommend this event highly, but now……..not so much.

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