Beach Market at Coquina Beach

January 27, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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    54 thoughts on “Beach Market at Coquina Beach

    • Victoria Dargen 6 months ago

      I am so lucky and proud to be a part of the Coquina Beach Market family!! So many amazing, talented crafters and great vendors!! You simply cannot find a better market location!! Even if I wasn’t a vendor, I’d still tell everyone to make sure Coquina Beach Market is on their Florida bucket list!!

    • Deana 7 months ago

      I have been a vendor at the Beach Market at Coquina Beach for 3 years, and it is by far the best venue in the area. Nancy runs a first class operation! If you have never been, be sure to add it to your list of must sees. You will not be disappointed!

    • Katie 7 months ago

      I Love this market. The people are friendly. This area is beautiful. It’s a great experience being at this market. I know you will love it too.? We love The Coquina Beach Market!Lots of different vendors in a picture perfect setting. Very well run,fun place to shop !

    • Barbara Wallace 7 months ago

      I always have fun at the market, it’s a great way to spend the day. As a vendor it is extremely well organized. Nancy the manager does a fantastic job at making this market so special. A great experience for vendors as well as shoppers. You will find a wide variety of items from the different vendors. I sell handmade Porcelain Ceramics, functional and sculptural ware. I hope to see you at the Coquina Beach Market.

    • Ted Hunt 7 months ago

      Coquina Beach Market brings out the best of Florida with it’s Beautiful Blue Gulf waters and it’s pristine white sand beaches.
      The Market is located under the Australian pines,With it’s Cool Summer Breezes Just a shell throw away from the beach.
      This is the place to take the family . For Fun in the Sun with a Burger, And do your gift shopping for your family and friends ..This Market is the Market where you can fine the unusual , unique gifts , for the hard to Buy for person in your life, In the most relaxed atmosphere on earth

    • Barbara Harrison 7 months ago

      What a great market to find special and unique items! As you browse the maket you can also enjoy the beautiful beach and waters of Coquina Beach. It’s definitely a “win win” for all. The great vendors are ready using Covid-19 guidelines. Hope to see you there?

    • Anne 7 months ago

      A beautiful outdoor market. Better than any mall especially during our new normal. Every booth is correctly socially distanced and the vendors had so much to offer. Souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, home decor, snacks ,baked goods and so much more. Most are hand crafted and one of a kind finds.
      Definitely a return over and over market

    • Terry Fay 7 months ago

      Hello, as a 3rd year Vendor it is great to read all the great reviews. Sometime life gets in the way and to stop & write a review, fantastic!!
      Also as a Vendor I am elated to be at this event. It’s beautiful, it’s safe, casual and friendly. I love to tell people about my product. I am Terry Fay, Clip On Eyeglass Holder, Glass Holez. Stop by & say Hello! I’m across from restrooms.

    • Karen and Marco 7 months ago

      Wonderful market at the beautiful beach! Fun day to spend with family shopping and swimming!

    • Jeanne 7 months ago

      The Beach Market is sooo uplifting and fun, great food, arts and crafts something for everyone, even if it is just walking around and enjoying the sites.

    • Garrison Hahn 7 months ago

      Keeping it local with products and vendors who produce, and they sell very unique gifts, food, and wares you will not find anywhere else. It’s a beautiful walk just off of Coquina Beach.

    • Parichart Wallen 7 months ago

      Best beach market ever. Always live music and always has new stuff every week. Must attend if you are in the area.

    • jeri berman 7 months ago

      Fabulous market with one of a kind vendors and merchandise.
      A market filled with friendly courteous small business men and woman.
      Enjoy a market filled with history beauty and terrific vendors.
      I’m always thrilled with all my purchases

    • Yong Wang 7 months ago

      Great market! Best around! Definitely our favorite. Anna Maria Island, Coquina beach market. Great job Nancy!

    • Debbie Derrick 7 months ago

      What’s not to love about the Coquina Beach Market?? Nancy has created the perfect combination of location, location, location with unique vendors who love sharing their creations with tourists and locals alike in a relaxed setting that just makes you feel good! It is time we’ll spent – whether you’re strolling for a few hours or sharing your talents as a vendor (which I am happy to be) – the Beach Market is an experience you don’t want to miss!!

    • Cecilia 7 months ago

      A nice place to shop and enjoy family bonding time, a lot of amazing vendors and unique gifts, so much things to see and buy, nice place to visit with your family and friends!

    • Judith Armstrong 7 months ago

      The beach market is a great place to sell our products. Nancy is a great market manager and keeps the market running very smoothly. All the vendors she has at the market are friendly and professional. Although we are vendors we do a lot of shopping when we are at the market. Thanks again Nancy.

    • Denise Marie Amontree 7 months ago

      This beach market is a delight! Strolling musicians under the shaded pine trees make this a delightful way to shop. The vendors are all unique and there is something for everyone. Great way to spend the day.

    • Our BEST weekly market in Florida!

    • JESSICA BUDIANSKY 7 months ago

      Beachfront location makes this a perfect way to spend a day. Hang at the beach, grab lunch and then wander the market and pick up unique finds and fresh produce.

    • Diane Gray 7 months ago

      This is such a pleasant Market for beachgoers and vendors as well. So glad they kept the beautiful pine trees, which add even more Ambience in addition to the Sand and Sea.

      Just a great, relaxing way to spend a day.

    • Lisa Hensley 7 months ago

      One of the most beautiful markets I have ever attended. Friendly vendors, great market manager.
      Amazing place. Where can you go to the beach and shop at the same time. Cafe is a beautiful place to relax and have and amazing meal.

    • Abdel 7 months ago

      Lots of fun! Friendly vendors. So many options from fresh produce ,unique art & crafts and beautiful jewelry . Very Well organized with easy free parking. Great place to spend time with family and friends as they have something for everyone. Great for out of town visitors looking to bring home a little piece of paradise! You won’t be disappointed ?

    • Red's Shadow 7 months ago

      We Love The Beach Market at Coquina Beach! As a vendor, Nancy is amazing at the care, cleaning and organization that goes into this Market every Wed & Sun. There are a nice variety of us including, food, crafts, swim suits jewelry and many other unique items! My day at the office is on the beach doing what I love! People from all around the world come to this Famous Beach Market. with sugar sand, beautiful shells and water that is just breath taking!

    • Federico Aloisi 7 months ago

      The Best way to spend your Sundays and Wednesday’s with your family at Coquina Beach Market!! Come and see the various Vendors with a variety of products, they’ll be something for everyone!! Great way to support small businesses while enjoying the Beautiful Beach!! Come on over to Coquina Beach Market!!!

    • Kelly Czachowski 7 months ago

      Coquina Beach Market is such a fun place to shop! Great products, food, and it’s on the beach! We love it!

    • Lynda Shipley 7 months ago

      I love going to the beach market at coquina beach. I can find a variety of things there and the market is located on the path that is beautiful and shaded. I can see the beautiful gulf water while shopping at the market which is always a plus for me. I love going to markets and festivals. This is one of the best that I go to. The vendors there are always nice and friendly. I would recommend it to anyone. Especially if you want to show visiting relatives a good time.

    • Coldwell Banker Brian 7 months ago

      The BEST and ONLY market on the beach!!! Tons and Tons of amazing vendors. Great Prices and lots of items to choose from. The Coquina Beach Market is the place to be on Wed & Sundays. Very fun, clean and very well organized. Other markets don’t compare with their flee market junk.

      Bring your shopping shoes and beach gear!

    • Dee M. 7 months ago

      This is the best market around! Very well run and lots of variety of items.

    • adam 7 months ago

      An amazing market!!! Great vendors.

    • Sassafras And The Seadragon 7 months ago

      Coquina Beach Market is a fabulous place to find the things you can’t live without! From a tasty treat to something for your home, a new hat maybe or something for the grandkids. Coquina is a mix of some of the best artisans and makers, as well as farmers In the area. An original and eclectic mix of Southwest Florida’s finest vendors. Nancy has done a fabulous job creating a true Florida Art Market..

    • Frank 7 months ago

      TheBeach market, is agreeably the best market in Florida!
      There are lots of nifty treasures to highlight your house,villa,or dream spot.
      Awesome food and take home items as well.
      Come and see……

    • R. Wright 7 months ago

      This is a great market in a gorgeous setting right at the beach! Lots of vendors line both sides of the sidewalk and provide a wide variety of items such as arts and crafts, jewelry, beach wear and accessories, plus food, produce, and even beautiful and super soft Alpaca items! You can have a caricature of yourself (or someone else) painted by a very talented artist right on site, for a very reasonable price. You can also get a massage or buy oils, lotions and potions for all-natural pain relief. (I’ve gotten the Australian Eucalyptus oil from this market for arthritis pain and it really helps me!
      You will want to allow plenty of time to browse the many booths. With it being open 10-4 (Sundays and Wednesdays) that gives a nice window of opportunity to work it into your schedule.
      And a HUGE variety of price points at this market makes it easy to find that perfect gift, or souvenir, or whatever you might need.

    • Beth Obrien 7 months ago

      Great market!! Who doesn’t love a perfect, beautiful beach with plenty of shade and tons of great booths to shop at! The perfect combination!
      Love the Wineslush booth!

    • Jeanne 7 months ago

      Fun, fun, fun . Definitely one of the best things to do on the island

    • Mindy R. 7 months ago

      A great market!!! Wonderful vendors and customers. Nancy Ambrose runs a very clean and well organized market.

    • Rosemarie Pearcey 7 months ago

      The Beach Market offers an amazing shopping experience. From Foods, clothing or trinkets & treasures anyone will for sure have a grand experience! Come out whether you’re local or visiting. Come shop and visit our beautiful beach!

    • Fun Market and well organized! As a vendor I enjoy meeting people/customers from all over! The market offers a wide variety of items at the right price !

    • Rejane Monetti 7 months ago

      You can not come to Anna Maria Island and not experience The Coquina Beach Market.
      It’s a completely unique experience with the most amazing atmosphere and outstanding, high quality and unique Vendors.
      It’s a MOST DO. For sure!

    • Patricia Griffiths 7 months ago

      Coquina Beach Market is the best around. Awesome Vendors selling a large variety of items from arts, crafts, clothes and homemade foods just to name a few . The Coquina Cafe on the Beach offers great food and drinks. also, free trolley rides!

    • Ellen Mital 7 months ago

      I am a vendor at the market and i absolutely love it,what cn be better then promoting your business and have the beach as your back drop

    • Ron and Joan 7 months ago

      We love The Coquina Beach Market!Lots of different vendors in a picture perfect setting. Very well run,fun place to shop !

    • Darlene 7 months ago

      I Love this market. The people are friendly. This area is beautiful. It’s a great experience being at this market. I know you will love it too.?

    • IslandRum Cakes 7 months ago

      I Love this market. The people are friendly. This area is beautiful. It’s a great experience being at this market. I know you will love it too.?

    • Donna Clark 7 months ago

      One of the best markets in Florida.

    • Mark Teseniar 7 months ago

      What can be better than a market on a beautiful beach where you can find anything from food to all kinds to arts and crafts. Excellent market!

    • Gary and Lisa 7 months ago

      Great place to find lots of must have treasures and support local! Large variety of artisan booths on the tree lined walkway by an award-winning beach. Coquina Beach Market is a favorite, fun and unique shopping experience!

    • Debbie Hagstrom 7 months ago

      I’ve been doing the market on and off for a few years and every time I go it’s a good and positive atmosphere. People come out to shop and enjoy the beach. Sales vary , but always a good crowd.

      • Haley Marguerite 7 months ago

        Nancy is the lady in charge of this market and she is such a doll!! I love being a vendor here!!! I sell my children’s book and other related merchandise. The market brings many tourists. Locals and families. It’s really the perfect market to be a vendor at or to come and shop. It’s right on the beach!! Literally!!! ???

    • Lori 7 months ago

      The best way to shop, on the beach! The vendors are so unique. You can find gifts for everyone here. I have friends who go every time there is a market to see what’s new and to get the things they love from local artists and creators.

      • Sheila Johnston 7 months ago

        Walk the market and you will a see a diversity of products not found at most or all of the shows you attend—there is something for everyone! The vendors are friendly and the strolling musicians are fun to stop and listen to. It is truly a wonderful place to spend a few hours.

    • Elizabeth 7 months ago

      A great experience! An amazing variety of vendors including many local artists. Food at Coquina Cafe and you can enjoy the beautiful beach afterwards!

    • Fabulous market, so well managed. She has gathered artists, artisans, farmers, makers and musicians and created a little family. The setting is amazing, the people are warm and friendly. There is no better way to shop!
      Skip the mall, hit the beach market instead!

    • Angie B 7 months ago

      We LOVE the Coquina Beach Market. Great vendors, well-organized and very clean!

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