Learn How You Can Light Up Lives: Join Lighthouse Vision Loss Education Center’s Volunteer Open House

This is your opportunity to learn how you can make a meaningful impact in the lives of visually impaired individuals in our community.

Imagine living in a world that’s dim, blurred, or even shrouded in darkness. Unfortunately, for many members of our community with visual impairments, this is an everyday reality. Now, picture yourself as a beacon of light, capable of illuminating this darkness and bringing clarity, hope, and empowerment to those living with vision loss.

If this appeals to you, then the upcoming Volunteer Open House at Lighthouse Vision Loss Education Center is an event you won’t want to miss. Scheduled for Thursday, June 22nd, from 5:00 – 7:00 pm, the open house will be held at their temporary location at 1506 Bayshore Gardens Parkway in Bradenton.

During the event, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the diverse and rewarding ways you can make a real difference and how your unique skills and passion can contribute to the lives of visually impaired individuals in our community.

Uncover the Joy of Volunteering: From Assisting to Teaching

The goal of the upcoming event is to re-ignite the spark with former volunteers and kindle new connections. No previous experience? No problem! The volunteer opportunities at Lighthouse require nothing more than a desire to make a difference. From office tasks to creative roles like video editing, event planning, and more, there’s a place for everyone.

There are also unique opportunities for teens and young adults to take part in a job shadowing program, gaining hands-on experience and real-life insight into some of the careers available in this highly in-demand field.

Have a knack for art, yoga, movement, or any skill you’re passionate about sharing? You could become a guest instructor. There are also opportunities to work more closely with those adjusting to vision loss.

Just Curious? You’re Welcome Too!

Not quite sure if volunteering is right for you? Worried about the time commitment or whether it’s something you’ll enjoy? No worries!

Regardless of your skills, passions, or experiences, there’s an opportunity for you at Lighthouse. If you’re unsure of where you might fit, attending the open house is the perfect way to explore these opportunities and find where you could make the most impact.

Even if you’re simply intrigued to learn more about the organization and its work, the open house is a great opportunity to uncover what Lighthouse does, the impact they make, and the lives they touch.

You may decide to move forward with volunteering or support the organization in other ways, like making a donation or attending future fundraising events. No matter what you decide, you won’t be pressured and will come away with knowledge about how this incredible organization is positively impacting our community.

The Lighthouse Story: Lighting the Path Toward Empowerment

The Lighthouse Vision Loss Education Center has been a guiding light in the Bradenton community for over three decades. Since its inception in 1985 as Mana-Sota Lighthouse for the Blind, the organization has evolved and grown to serve a wider audience, continually expanding its range of services.

Established by a group of visually impaired individuals and community donors, the organization initially focused on helping visually impaired adults lead independent lives. But over the next 35 years, Lighthouse’s service area has extended to cover five counties, with updated services and new programs added to serve youth, adults, and seniors.

Their mission is more than just assistance—it’s about empowerment. Lighthouse provides a wide range of services from daily living skills and assistive technology training to job skills enhancement, support groups, and access to technology. These tools are designed to help clients maintain their independence and improve their quality of life, promoting a sense of hope and empowerment among the visually impaired community.

Lighthouse extends its education into the community through presentations, speaking engagements, and mini-courses. It’s also the only nationally accredited, not-for-profit organization in the region providing free rehabilitation training for the visually impaired.

So, why not join the Lighthouse family? Attend the Volunteer Open House and become part of a team that’s changing lives one person at a time.

Whether you choose to support through volunteering, donations, or simply by spreading the word, every effort makes a difference. Learn more now by visiting their website and stay updated by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

For more details about the event or volunteer opportunities, you can reach out to Amanda Just at 941-359-1404 extension 727 or via email at amanda.just@lighthouseeducationcenter.org.

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