Realize Bradenton Hosts “Love This City” Scavenger Hunt

Want to explore the downtown Bradenton area in a fun and exciting way? Check out Realize Bradenton's "Love This City" Scavenger Hunt!

Whether you’re a long-time local, a new Bradenton resident, or a visitor, there’s so much to love about this great city! Local nonprofit Realize Bradenton is encouraging the community to rediscover and reimagine the downtown Bradenton area with their Love This City Scavenger Hunt.

These family-friendly outdoor activities will give you the chance to enjoy a self-directed scavenger hunt and win unique “Love This City” prizes.

Not only will these hunts be a ton of fun, but they’ll also help increase awareness for local businesses and cultural assets, promote economic growth in Downtown Bradenton, and maybe even encourage entrepreneurs to start new businesses in the area.

Want to join in on the fun? Here’s a look at each of the three scavenger hunts. If you complete them all, you can also claim an awesome grand prize! All the answers are outdoors, so you won’t need to go inside any buildings to complete your hunts. This makes it the perfect activity for any day you happen to have some extra time.

1. Bradenton Riverwalk

This scavenger hunt will take you along the Bradenton Riverwalk, which is located on the Manatee River between 10th St. W. and Riverside Dr. East. Once you’ve answered all the questions, bring your answer sheet to The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature to redeem your prize!

Download the Riverwalk Scavenger Hunt Sheet now!

2. Village of the Arts

Explore the eclectic and exciting Village of the Arts along 12th St. W. between 9th Ave. W. and 15th Ave. W. When you’re done, head over to Adobe Graffiti Lounge to claim your prize!

Here’s the link to download your Village of the Arts Scavenger Hunt Sheet.

3. Old Main Street

For this hunt, you’ll find all the answers on Old Main Street (12th Street W) between 6th Ave. W. and the Manatee River. After you’re done, stop by Kefi Streetside Cafe to claim your prize.

Download your Old Main St. Scavenger Hunt Sheet to get started.

Claim Your Grand Prize!

Each scavenger hunt is a stand-alone activity, but if you complete all three, you can visit Bradenton Public Market Information Booth on the corner of Old Main and 4th Ave. on Saturdays between 9 am – 2 pm to claim an awesome grand prize!

The scavenger hunt and prizes will continue through May 21st, 2022 – so grab a few friends and head out to explore our beautiful city! While you participate in the hunts, be sure to take lots of pictures of your fun and use the hashtag #LoveThisCityBradenton in your social media posts.

About Realize Bradenton

Realize Bradenton is dedicated to developing the city’s downtown as an attractive, vibrant, and healthy community for residents, visitors, young talent, and businesses. They also work hard to ensure the area is a model for other cities.

Throughout the year, they host over 75 events that attract 110,000 people to our downtown area. In addition, they offer initiatives in business development, community placemaking, wellness and nutrition, and the development of young leaders.

You can learn more by visiting and following Realize Bradenton on Facebook.

Have you completed your scavenger hunt yet? If so, drop a comment below!

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