Soul to Soul Yoga Brings the Healing Power of Yoga to Every Body

For Cheryl Albright, yoga is more than just a method of exercise. It is a means of connecting, healing, and facing challenges head-on.

Throughout her life, Cheryl has helped thousands of children with disabilities and their families. Her passion for this service began in her childhood when she grew up alongside a brother with autism and an aunt with Down Syndrome. At age 14, she worked with children with disabilities through Rotary Camp, and during her high school and college years, she taught adapted swim lessons to children with disabilities.

In her hometown of Rochester, New York, Cheryl became an occupational therapist, which led to her performing traveling occupational therapy. While traveling, she discovered the Bradenton/Sarasota area and after a nine-month local contract, she decided to stay, relocating in 2014. Two years later, Cheryl launched Soul to Soul Yoga to continue her work. 

Cheryl has 19 years of experience as an occupational therapist and has been teaching Yoga for the Special Child® for 12 years. According to her website, “Soul to Soul Yoga was created in collaboration with Yoga for the Special Child® to have a home in the Sarasota, FL, area.”

A Unique Yoga Studio with Specialized Offerings

Soul to Soul Yoga offers a full suite of services you wouldn’t normally expect from a typical yoga studio. One of their more popular services is one-on-one children’s yoga therapy. They offer classes in their facility but can also provide them at home or virtually. Through the one-on-one sessions, they “target attention, emotional regulation, motor control, strength, balance, visual scanning, and more!”

Additionally, Soul to Soul Yoga also conducts Occupational Therapy Services. These services help patients of all ages overcome barriers that may affect their emotional, social, and physical well-being. Soul to Soul Yoga does accept some insurances, including Medicaid, Medicare, Staywell, Wellcare, Sunshine Health, and more. 

Other services at Soul to Soul Yoga include Adult Yoga Therapy (which can help treat Parkinson’s, arthritis, stroke, cerebral palsy, and more), Group Yoga Instruction, Virtual Classes, and Corporate/Contract Yoga Services. 


Of all their services, Cheryl believes that Sibshops are among the most important. Having grown up with an older brother with autism, she understands the challenges that face siblings of children with disabilities. Soul to Soul Yoga hosts SibShops at least every other month to help families overcome these challenges.

Cheryl describes SibShops as “lively events” where “sibs” meet one another and talk about the good and not-so-good parts of having a sibling with disabilities. Families get to explore how to handle “sticky situations” sometimes faced by brothers and sisters while playing games and having fun. 

Exciting Upcoming Events

Soul to Soul Yoga has partnered with Gulf Coast Music Therapy to host Music Together Classes every Friday at 9 am. The classes are a 45-minute “journey to nurture your child’s musical growth through singing, instrument playing, movement, and much more!” Visit Gulf Coast Music Therapy’s website to learn more and register.

You can also learn more about Soul to Soul Yoga, book group or individual classes, register for events, and more by visiting And be sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages! If you reach out or attend a session or workshop (and we hope you will!) be sure to let Cheryl know you learned about it on Discover Bradenton!

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