Strut Your Mutt for the Friends of Manatee County Animal Services

This month you can support the efforts of FOMCAS by joining their team and participating in #StrutYourMutt Day, a virtual walk and fundraising event.

Friends of Manatee County Animal Services (FOMCAS) is an all-volunteer organization that works hand in hand with Manatee County Animal Services to enrich the lives of shelter animals. They do this by raising funds to provide additional resources, medical care, and heartworm treatment.

This month you can support their efforts by joining their team and participating in #StrutYourMutt Day, a virtual walk and fundraising event. The official walking day is October 23rd, but you can start raising funds now. If you prefer, you can also start your own team to share with family, friends, and Facebook friends. Check out the team fundraising page to make your donation or start your team.

They’ve set a goal of raising $10,000 this year, so every little bit helps!

FOMCAS Programs

There are several different programs that your donations will help support.

  • Heal My Heart Campaign – this fundraising program helps ensure that all heartworm-positive dogs that come into the Manatee County Animal Services are able to be treated. This is a serious disease, and approximately 1/3 of Manatee County shelter dogs suffer from it.

  • Grace & Friends Medical Fund – this funds helps cover the cost of specialized care for injured animals entering the county shelter. Some of these may be emergency situations where the animals require immediate treatment, including surgery, in order to alleviate pain and suffering. This program has been very successful and has improved the chances of the animal being adopted in a loving, forever home.

  • Slumber Fund & Enrichment Program – Kennel life is hard on homeless shelter animals. This fund helps ensure every dog has a soft bed to sleep on, so they’re not forced to live on the hard concrete floor. It’s also important that the shelter animals have something to stimulate their minds and bodies during their shelter stay. Your donations go to purchasing enrichment items such as frozen peanut butter stuffed Kongs, Nylabone chews, ice treats, puzzle toys, cat towers, and cat nip filled toys as well as nurturing items for bottle babies and additional supplies for foster families.

  • Traveling Paws Transport Fund – this newest initiative helps cover the cost to transport shelter dogs and cats to northern rescues willing to take them out of Florida and into waiting forever homes.  Between April and August of this year, 26 dogs have traveled up north and are in loving homes.  

Can You Help Our Shelter Animals?

If you’re willing and able to make a donation or join a team, it will make a huge difference in the lives of our shelter animals. All donations are tax-deductible and FoMCAS keeps 100% of the money raised after transaction fees. Visit their team page to get started!

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