Be Kind to Your Garbage Disposal: It Will Save You Time and Money in the Future

Scott and Linda Monroe, owners of Monroe Plumbing, share their tips for taking care of your garbage disposal this holiday season.
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Many people don’t realize that putting the wrong things down your garbage disposal can cost you a lot of time and money! In this week’s edition of Tips From the Pros, Scott and Linda Monroe, owners of Monroe Plumbing, share their tips for protecting your disposal this holiday season!

The holidays are almost here, and that often means cooking big feasts, baking, and spending more time in the kitchen. Unfortunately, this also puts more stress on your garbage disposal.

Think twice before you toss things in — being kind to your garbage disposal will save you time and money in the future!

Understanding How Your Garbage Disposal Works

The term “garbage disposal” is actually part of the problem. This is a misnomer because these powerful grinders are designed to handle food waste exclusively.

Even then, there are even some edible things you should avoid putting into your disposal. Always check your model’s manual for a list of foods it can and cannot handle. The average garbage disposal can grind almost all the food waste you throw at it, but your plumbing is another story!

Some foods that pass through the grinder with no problem could be the start of a clog down the line. In general, always turn on the cold water before you start running your disposal and avoid overloading it. Consumer Reports testers have found that one last flush of water after the disposal is off is also a good idea.

Keep These Items Away!

Some of the things you should avoid putting down your garbage disposal include: egg shells, vegetable peels, celery, coffee grounds, corn husks, artichokes, asparagus, starchy foods, seafood shells, pits, and seeds (like apple cores).

Also, never put grease, oil, or fats down your garbage disposal. It’s a common misconception that running hot water and adding a bunch of dish soap will break up the fats so they won’t cause a problem. This isn’t true! All it does is push it further down the line. Even if it does make it through your home’s pipes, it can cause problems to our city or county sewer system… which we’ll all end up paying for in the long run.

Check the Reset Button

It’s common for homeowners to find that they’ve put something in their disposal that caused it to stop working. Sometimes, it’s easy to safely remove the item and fix the problem. However, we talk to customers all the time who don’t realize their disposals have a reset button.

Before you call a plumber, try hitting reset. This simple trick could end up saving you a lot of hassle!

Handling Garbage Disposal Problems

Has your garbage disposal suddenly stopped working? If you weren’t aware of the things that don’t belong in a disposal, you might have created a clog. Don’t worry, though, Monroe Plumbing is always just a phone call away! We’re happy to answer any questions and help with all of your installation and repair needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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