Transitions Rehabilitation in Bradenton: Improving Patients’ Quality of Life

From patients with Parkinson's Disease to student-athletes and more Transitions Rehab in Bradenton helps many members of our community.
transitions rehabilitation bradenton

Transitions Rehabilitation in Bradenton offers an array of valuable services that enrich the lives of many members of our local community.

They provide speech, occupational, and physical therapy services — but this isn’t your typical rehab click! Transitions Rehabilitation takes a unique approach to promoting wellness and improving quality of life for patients of all ages. Two of their most popular programs are Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson’s patients and their Transitions Rehabilitation Athletes Program (TRAP).

Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing is a program designed to help Parkinson’s patients fight back. These 90-minute classes help them develop impressive power, flexibility, and speed. These classes offer physical challenges and also help improve a patient’s cognition, balance, agility, hand-eye coordination, mental focus, rhythm, and reaction times.

Rock Steady classes have been shown to ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease and help participants live happier and healthier lives. Transitions Rehabilitation is the only facility in Bradenton that offers this service. They already have a steady following of participants who enjoy regularly attending classes and all have noticed significant improvement in the way they feel.

Here’s short video clip of one of their recent classes. They currently have two classes a week and are accepting new participants.

If you or a loved one are interested in learning more, you’ll want to give Transitions a call at 941-253-5166.

Transitions Rehabilitation Athletes Program (TRAP)

The innovative new Transitions Rehabilitation Athletes Program (TRAP) provides student-athletes with a comprehensive strategy to reduce risk of injury and enhance recovery. It’s appropriate for athletes participating all types of sports and ranging from young athletes to collegiate levels.

The program includes fitness and risk assessments, nutritional accountability, and guided sessions with licensed physical therapists. Participants also receive mentorship and training by former professional athletes including a WWE wrestler and a Tampa Bay Bucs defensive end.

TRAP began with 10 students from the Southeast High School football team. The coach saw such a difference in these kids after their time in the program that he’s now recommending it to the school’s other sports coaches. The program launched about six weeks ago and is expected to significantly expand going forward.

For more information, parents and coaches can give Transitions a call at 941-253-5166.

In addition to the programs listed above, Transitions Rehab also offers a variety of services including aquatic therapy, virtual reality therapy, health and wellness programs, Zumba, aquatic line dancing, pediatric services for autism spectrum disorders, and more.

Contact them today to learn more! Also make sure to check out their Facebook page where you’ll find lots of videos and updates regarding their programs and special events.

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