A New Service in Bradenton: Celebration of Life for the Living

Reverend Elizabeth Turk, a local Non-Denominational Reverend, and Owner of ForeverInYourHeartsEulogies.com is now offering Celebration of Life services for the living. Learn more about this very important service.

We recently had a chance to catch up with Reverand Turk to learn more about this important new offering. Here’s what she had to say…

Why Wait?

As an expert in writing and creating Celebrations of Life for both the living and those who have passed, I can help your family celebrate you while you are still with them. Allow me to turn your life story into a service that will celebrate all that you are and all that you’ve shared, given, built, and endeavored to.

Why wait… until you’re gone?

Control the narrative, share the stories you want shared, and bring back those magnificent memories to those who have loved you in this life while they can still enjoy their time alongside you.

Why Now?

Years ago, I had the privilege to celebrate the life of a beautiful woman who was battling stage 4 cancer, and… she knew her time was brief. She asked her family to please have her life celebration with her there. She wanted to hear her loved ones’ stories, memories, and dreams for the future – but more importantly, she wanted to be there.

I have written Celebration of Life services for families across the nation – from proud military members, famed cardiologists, a gal who worked on equipment that landed on the moon, and a renowned circuit court judge to a daughter, son, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, and more. Through my years of service, I’ve become proficient in helping families gather stories of their loved ones and create the perfect Celebration of Life. Whether you want to celebrate someone who is living or those who have passed, I would be honored to help you in your time of need.

Thank you, Reverand Turk, for providing this truly special service. To learn more or schedule a Celebration of Life, please give her a call at 941-773-6336 or visit ForeverInYourHeartEulogies.com.

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