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In this week's edition of Tips From the Pros, we caught up with Julia Jones, owner of Puroclean of Bradenton. She shared some of the best advice for preparing for hurricane season. Check it out!

We’re preparing for another hurricane season in Sarasota and Manatee Counties (“Manasota”), potentially accompanied by powerful winds and torrential rains. Property owners may be in the path of destruction, especially flooding, that often occurs in Palmetto, Siesta Key, Anna Maria Island, or Longboat Key.

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It is important to take necessary precautions to protect homes and businesses from potential damage. With an expected higher-than-normal activity, tropical cyclones are predicted to potentially impact communities across Florida this year, with additional hurricane activity anticipated in the coming months. PuroClean of Bradenton is ready to launch comprehensive storm response efforts.

PuroClean of Bradenton’s technicians are on the ground in the Manasota region, ready to help residents both before and after a storm, offering around-the-clock support. Below are ten timely tips from PuroClean of Bradenton LLC to help local home and business owners ensure they’re equally prepared:

  • Secure the Exterior of Your Property: Inspect the exterior of your property to remove any damaged branches. This will help to protect your property from limbs that may impact the structure during the storm. Bring all outdoor décor inside so they do not get picked up by the wind and cause further damage. This includes items such as lawn furniture, bird feeders, playhouses, and potted plants.
  • Hurricane-Proof Your Roof: Fasten your roof with straps or clips to reduce potential damage.
  • Clear All Drainage Areas: Remove any debris, including leaves and branches, from your storm drains to allow excess stormwater to flow away and prevent harmful flooding. Standing water can be blocked due to debris build-up and can make it more likely for trees to fall during storms.
  • It’s Not Just Your Physical Property – Protect Your Information: Store copies of important documents, such as proof of ownership of any property, in your emergency kit. Be sure to back up data on your electronic devices to keep your information safe.
  • Protect Appliances: Purchase a surge protector to prevent damage to your devices if you lose power. Before the storm, move any electronics to a higher floor (if applicable) or use concrete blocks to elevate them. This can also help to protect the appliances from water damage. When the storm arrives, also be sure to unplug all electrical devices.
  • Use Sandbags to Reduce Water Damage: Pile sandbags at least two feet high as an efficient barricade against floodwaters. You can also use heavy-duty garbage bags – filled one-third of the way with water – placed around your house doors.
  • Reinforce Your Garage: Secure your garage door with a brace kit rated for storm and hurricane winds. You could also install a metal post system or cover the door with metal panels, a fabric screen, or 5/8-inch plywood.
  • Install Storm Shutters: Install permanent storm shutters made of steel, aluminum, and other materials. Installing plywood is also a good defense for your windows. However, avoid taping – because it doesn’t prevent the glass from breaking.
  • Create an Emergency Kit: Gather perishable foods and water to last for at least three days.  Be sure to include all required medications, a first aid kit, a flashlight, and batteries, as well as pet supplies if needed.
  • Create a Family Evacuation Plan: Determine a meeting place for your family, and routes to get there. Plan how to get in touch with your family if separated. If you have a whistle, be sure to always keep it with you so you can use it to identify where misplaced members of your family are.

“The intensity of each storm is unpredictable due to several variables including wind, water temperature, and moisture in the air. Leading up to peak season, which runs from June 1st through November 30th, we are prepared to respond quickly to assist those in areas facing extensive losses,” says Julia Jones, owner of PuroClean of Bradenton LLC.

“At PuroClean, our goal is to educate our neighbors on the precautions they can take to help alleviate the strain on their homes and businesses,” she continued. “When an extreme weather event such as a hurricane arises, we are here to help restore the property, returning those affected to normalcy as quickly as possible.”

When tropical storms and hurricanes leave damages in their wake, the professionals at PuroClean of Bradenton LLC can restore a home or business to its original state, offering around-the-clock support. For more information, contact PuroClean of Bradenton LLC. The restoration and remediation franchise, known as the “Paramedics of Property Damage,” has served communities across the country for the past 20+ years. 

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