Bradenton Acupuncture & Wellness Opens in East Bradenton

If you are dealing with body pain, weight gain, stress, allergies, or any other major or minor ailment, it may be time to visit Bradenton Acupuncture & Wellness.

Celebrating its grand opening on August 11th, the all-new Bradenton Acupuncture & Wellness has three Nationally Board-Certified Licensed Acupuncturists and Herbalists: Dr. Rachel Siditsky, Dr. David Miller, and Dr. Edna Zuluaga.

Dr. Siditsky got into acupuncture after dealing with chronic illness herself. When traditional medicine failed, she turned to acupuncture. It worked, and Dr. Siditsky has dedicated herself to helping others through holistic care and treatment ever since. Her specialties include pediatrics and fertility.

Dr. Miller works with patients who have had strokes, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. He has helped patients restore lost movement in the face and limbs, with some seeing as much as a 20% improvement after just three treatments. 

Dr. ZuluAga blends Eastern and Western medicine for a holistic approach. She specializes in internal medicine as well as pain management. Dr. ZuluAga is also bilingual.

A Wide Variety of Holistic Treatment Options

Bradenton Acupuncture & Wellness offers a wide variety of services and their new location has seven treatment rooms. When you first come in for a consultation, the staff will evaluate your current health and medical history. Then, they will formulate a suitable treatment plan to address the symptoms you’re experiencing. Here’s a look at some of the treatments they may recommend.


Acupuncture has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. For those unfamiliar, it is a medical treatment that involves placing extremely thin needles into very specific points on the body.

Some people report acupuncture makes them feel energized. Others say they feel relaxed. Almost all agree that it supports their health and well-being. In fact, studies by the National Institutes of Health show acupuncture as an effective treatment for conditions such as headaches, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, low back pain, and much more.


Another form of traditional Chinese medicine, cupping therapy uses glass or silicone cups that are placed on areas experiencing muscle tightness. The process creates a suction effect that promotes blood circulation. It also brings fresh oxygen to the cells, eliminates toxins, and loosens tight muscles. Cupping is appropriate for people of all ages, including children. 

Dr. Siditsky says, “I focus on providing a comfortable and relaxing experience so that my patients can get the relief and peace they need.” Cupping therapy has increased in popularity among celebrities and athletes in recent times. It can help with muscle tightness, skin problems, stubborn fat, and more.

Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy

Bradenton Acupuncture & Wellness also offers high-quality herbal medicine as a natural, yet powerful, alternative to conventional medications. When taken with proper guidance, herbal medicine is gentle, safe, and efficient. Dr. Siditsky says, “Whether you have acute or chronic conditions, herbal medicine can immensely benefit you in so many ways.” 

Homeopathy is a method of medical practice that seeks to amplify and utilize the human body’s healing capabilities. It addresses your overall health as a safe remedy to physical, emotional, and mental symptoms. Dr. Siditsky and the rest of her staff provide high-quality homeopathic treatments for all ages.

Grand Opening Celebration

Want to learn more about Bradenton Acupuncture & Wellness? Mark your calendar for their Grand Opening Celebration, scheduled for August 11th, 2022 from 5 pm to 7 pm. This is a great chance to see the new office, meet the doctors, and enjoy some light bites. They will also be having a ribbon cutting with the Manatee Chamber of Commerce during the event.

Visit Bradenton Acupuncture & Wellness Today!

Bradenton Acupuncture & Wellness is located at 5460 63rd St. E, Suite B.

They are currently accepting new patients and are a community care provider for the Veteran’s Administration (VA). They also accept insurance if your policy covers acupuncture.

You can call them at (941)732-1533 to schedule an appointment or learn more. Make sure to mention Discover Bradenton when you schedule and you’ll save 10% on your first visit!

Check out their website: and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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