Bradenton Business Spotlight: Discount Med Direct

Discount Med Direct Can Help You Find Your Prescription Medications for a Fraction of the Cost.

If you struggle to pay for your medications due to a lack of insurance or high costs, Discount Med Direct can save you anywhere from 30% to 80% on your monthly medications. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! This incredible business may be one of the Bradenton area’s best-kept secrets.

Discount Med Direct has a simple commitment: Their service is your savings. They can order all or most medications you find at your local pharmacy, for a lot less money. With locations in Ellenton, Sarasota, and Port Charlotte, they offer convenient access to medications, holistic treatments, CBD products, and more.

Holistic Products & Services

The Ellenton branch of Discount Med Direct, located on 7018 US Highway 301 North, offers a selection of holistic healthcare products and services to support your health and well-being.

Discount Med Direct has partnered with Hemp Health Labs to offer high-quality, organic, third-party lab-tested CBD tinctures, topicals, gummies, and capsules. Customers often say that these products relieve a variety of symptoms such as pain, anxiety, sleep issues, tremors, seizures, and more.

For topical pain relief, Discount Med Direct also carries Charlotte’s Web and CBD Clinic topical solutions. “These topicals combine cannabidiol, menthol, and camphor along with pharmaceutical strength ingredients to create an incredibly effective product to treat muscle and joint pain.” Free samples are available to try, and they may offer relief that can last up to four hours.

The staff at Discount Med Direct rave about Kannaco CBD products. They “have powerful, professional strength activated topicals as well as ingestible, holistic supplements.” Kannaco CBD’s pain cream is among the strongest that Discount Med Direct carries. Other products from this company include Broad Spectrum Gummies (for pain and anxiety) and Snooze Sleep Soft Gels (a potent combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and melatonin).

If you’re curious about any of these products and how they may be able to help you, consider stopping by the Ellenton location for a consultation.

Florida’s Best All Natural Health & Beauty Products

Discount Med Direct has also recently partnered with Florida’s Best, Inc. Their products range from acne scrubs and arthritis pain relief creams to foot balms and sleep supplements. Florida’s Best, Inc. “is a family-run business with a commitment to quality and developing all-natural products.” 

Customer testimonials on Florida’s Best website give great insight into the effectiveness of their products. One customer said, “I must say that after just a couple of applications… [they] have already helped out with headaches, knee and ankle pains, back pains, helping my daughter sleep better, sinus issues, and just overall being pain-free. This from just ONE product.”

Holistic Health Treatments

In addition to all of the high-quality products they carry, Discount Med Direct also offers a variety of holistic services, including soothing salt therapy, which can help with sinus issues, asthma, and skin issues like psoriasis and acne.

You can also get a  Zenspa™ massage by therapist Molly Zaput, or improve your skeletal health, using their Juvent Micro-Impact Platform®

Curious to learn more? From now until September 30th, you can book a 20-minutes in the salt chamber followed by a 60-minute massage for just $75! Contact Salt Serenity at 941-803-7487 for appointments.

Discount Medications – Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve covered all of the holistic offerings, it’s time to circle back to the prescription discounts. With such an incredible premise, it might be hard to understand how it’s all possible. Luckily, we were able to have a chat with the company’s owner, Judy Vobrucek, so she could answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how the business works.

How does Discount Med Direct save money for their customers?

“We’re not a pharmacy. Discount Med Direct is a discount, mail-order prescription service. We work with a network of licensed US, Canadian, and International Pharmacies to provide the best prices on your prescription medication. In many cases, we find medications for less than the cost of the insurance co-pays. We figure out how to manage the Medicare Part D plan. Basically, we use all kinds of ways to save you money.” 

Are there any hidden costs or fees associated with your service?

“Nope. There are no other costs.”

How about shipping?

“We do not charge for shipping. We can ship to anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

Do I have to come into your office every time I want to place an order?

“No. You don’t ever have to come in if you don’t want to. As long as we have your prescription, we can do everything over the phone or through e-mail.”

How much medication can customers order at one time?

“The FDA allows us to ship up to a 90-day supply of medications. If it’s a prescription for more than a 3-month supply, we will fill them as refills. One of our staff will call you 30 days before your refill is due.”

Do customers need a prescription first?

“Yes. Just like the local drugstore, we require a valid prescription from a licensed physician. If your prescription is on file at the pharmacy, they can either make arrangements with their doctor to get a new prescription, or we can contact their doctor and make arrangements to get the prescriptions.”

Are there any medications you do not provide?

“We do not locate or give prices on any controlled substances, such as Oxycontin or hydrocodone.”

What insurance plans do you accept?

“Well, actually, we don’t process any kind of insurance. Most of our customers come to us because they don’t have insurance, or their current insurance won’t cover the cost of medication or only covers a small part of it. Our service is self-pay.”

Savings Are Just a Phone Call Away

You can receive a quote for your current medications by calling the Ellenton office at (941) 803-7487. Their staff is always ready to answer any questions you may have.

For more information, check out Discount Med Direct’s website, and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook!

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