Bradenton Inventor Creates Innovative New Product

Bradenton resident Ken Kwiatkowski created the innovative "Grasshole" sprinkler protection system. Learn more about this cool product made in our hometown!

Are you tired of constant sprinkler head damage and alignment problems? So was long-time Bradenton resident Ken Kwiatkowski. This is what motivated him to create a new invention that’s taking over lawns and landscaping all over Florida and across the country.

The innovative and humorously named GRASSHOLE is made to protect your sprinklers and solar lights from lawnmower and weed wacker damage. Ken came up with the idea after finding that he couldn’t find a good solution at his local hardware store. Since he couldn’t easily find what he needed, he invented something better.

According to Ken, “GRASSHOLE is the most revolutionary, patented sprinkler head protection product.” It’s also made with 100% U.S.-made materials.

While many homeowners use concrete donuts to protect their sprinklers, they have some serious limitations. Unlike concrete donut, GRASSHOLE is made of flexible ABS plastic with UV additives, which helps inhibit grass growth and sinking. It’s a tough material that will protect sprinklers for years without cracking or bending.

GRASSHOLES are also super easy to install! You just dig around your sprinkler head, remove the excess dirt, then insert it into the ground so it’s slightly above the sprinkler head. This is all you need to do to ensure you have a perfectly green and debris-free lawn for years to come.

The GRASSHOLE company is 100% veteran owned and the product is 100% veteran manufactured in Bradenton, Florida at Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing. Mike Guidoboni, owner of Spectrum, is also a veteran.

Ken has big hopes for GRASSHOLE including nationwide sales, promotions, and partnerships. However, he’s also all about supporting our local community. He makes sure to purchase all of his supplies locally and goes out of his way to support local businessese.

You can find GRASSHOLE in three Sarasota Ace Hardware stores and on However, if you go directly on Ken’s site:, you’ll often find deals and discounts. For example, until July 31st, you can use the coupon code on his site to get a second box at half price when you buy one full-priced box.

You can also follow GRASSHOLE Corporation on Facebook and on LinkedIn to keep up with the latest news and announcements. If you get a chance to chat with Ken or Mike, be sure to tell them you heard about them on Discover Bradenton!

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