Is Your Child Struggling with Math? Bradenton Math Tutor Explains Why Singapore Math May Be the Solution!

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Math can be a tough subject at any age, and, according to Bradenton math tutor Chris MacCormack, a big part of the problem may be the teaching method. This week, we were excited to catch up with Chris and learn about Singapore Math – a different approach that makes learning math easier and more fun! Here’s what she had to say…

Math is a subject taught for at least 9-10 years during a child’s education. It is similar to language learning since the basics must be mastered before more advanced operations can be learned.

Many children struggle with the old teaching method of memorization. They also forget what they knew two months earlier and go back to counting on their fingers or resort to a calculator.

Singapore Math has been successful worldwide in changing children’s attitudes towards math and improving their performance. Manipulatives such as blocks, plastic shapes, colored rods, real clocks, rulers, scales, thermometers, and other hands-on objects help students understand mathematical concepts and operations before they are asked to solve problems with abstract numbers and formulas.

Their understanding is deeper and lasts longer than memorization of facts and operations. They find different ways to solve and check problems and trust their common sense estimations.

Also, they have fun with the tactile activities and games so learning math is more enjoyable.

Math is an important subject to improve reasoning and problem-solving and is needed for daily life and many careers.

Singapore Math instruction can have a major positive impact on a child’s attitude and education. In any case, parents and teachers can use real objects and drawings to help their children understand WHY we add, subtract, multiply, divide, or use a certain formula before telling them HOW to solve the problem with numerical operations.

Coins, cups, candies, rulers, and sketches are available to everyone at no expense to illustrate the many concepts in a concrete way.

My Tutor Nana offers small group and private tutoring in person in W. Bradenton specializing in Singapore Math for primary students. Please contact Chris MacCormack, MAT for a free consultation.

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Classes are held in West Bradenton and are appropriate for 3rd through 6th grade students. Parents are welcome to drop off the students or stay and participate. Learn more about the upcoming classes here! You can also learn more about the latest news and updates by following My Tutor Nana on Facebook.

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