Discover Bradenton Welcomes 2 New Writers

At Discover Bradenton, we believe in supporting all things local - and to that end, we are excited to announce that we've added two new LOCAL writers to our team!

Our expanding team means that we’ll be able to provide you with even more great content. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect…

Jean Totti – Food Blogger

Jean completed a Master’s Certificate program in Journalism with a concentration in Food Writing and Photography from the University of South Florida (USF). He’s a former restaurant owner who has been recognized as a top local chef. Jean has been a resident of Florida since 1998 and has lived in several cities between Sarasota and Tampa Bay. He’s been an avid food blogger since 2011 with local blogs in FL, NC, and GA, where he spends time every year. 

Beginning in August, Jean will be sharing local restaurant reviews on Discover Bradenton’s blog.

Norm Fernandez – Freelance Writer

Norm is a freelance writer specializing in blogs, articles, and marketing. He is one of the rare “born and raised” Floridians. Living in the Sunshine State for his entire life, he has experienced many of the great things Florida has to offer. Some of Norm’s favorite “Floridian” things include Walt Disney World (and all the touristy things the Orlando area has to offer), Kennedy Space Center, local breweries, and beaches.

Norm will be blogging about local businesses, must-see attractions, upcoming events, and more!

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