Driftheory Offers Unique, Beautiful Artisan Jewelry Inspired by Florida’s Gulf Coast

If you're looking for a unique gift or a one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia, Driftheory is the perfect solution!

When asked about her now-thriving business, owner Danielle Ferrantino says Driftheory started almost by accident. “I had sold my belongings to dedicate myself to this ‘nomadic life’ in 2016,” she told us. “After some time of travel abroad, with a suitcase and open heart, my main focus was culture and self-discovery.” Part of that self-discovery process involved finding new mediums of art. 

She previously worked with clay and acrylic art, along with a few other forms of self-expression. It wasn’t until a friend gifted her some epoxy resin that things took off. Danielle said, “People liked what I was creating so I didn’t stop. I found the meaning of me the more I shared my art and my love of nature.”

After moving to Sarasota fifteen years ago, Danielle said she fell in love with Florida landscapes. Driftheory was founded upon the belief of “living in the moment and enjoying your surroundings.” Each unique piece of jewelry reflects that belief and the beauty of natural Florida. And her passion has paid off – Sarasota Magazine recently crowned Driftheory one of the “Best New Jewelry Makers” in 2022. 

Moments Gathered in Nature

Driftheory sells jewelry in many shapes and sizes, including rings, necklaces, earrings, and more. Danielle takes hand-gathered natural materials, arranges them into miniature works of art, and encases them in clear epoxy resin. The results are gorgeous pieces of wearable art, created by elements of nature.

One of Danielle’s favorite offerings is custom-made memorabilia. For example, Driftheory can recreate a wedding day “by preserving wedding bouquet flowers, laces, beads, and trim from a wedding gown.” Other possibilities include using materials from a destination honeymoon or a lock of a child’s first haircut. “It all makes for something one of a kind and special.”

Danielle is also ramping up to prepare holiday decorations, such as real spruce and pinecone ornaments that are gorgeous combinations of Florida living and Christmas cheer. Those will soon be on sale for $28 a piece or a pair for $50.

Create Your Own Unique Masterpiece

Danielle dreams of sharing art and creativity with as many people as possible. So, she also hosts resin jewelry classes on South Lido Beach. The classes include “a walk among the beautiful mangrove and sea grape trees” along the coast. Along the way, you will collect shells and other natural elements “while getting a chance to connect with nature.”

After the nature walk, Danielle will guide you in preserving your special beach elements in a step-by-step beginner’s resin workshop. “You will create a unique resin necklace using your collected items,” which you will then collect after the 24-hour hardening period. Danielle says it’s “a memory and experience you will cherish forever with your friends and family.”

To learn more about these classes, be sure to visit Danielle’s website at Driftheory.com. You can also shop in her online store, sign up for her mailing list, and contact her directly. You can see more of Danielle’s incredible work by checking her out on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. If you want to see her work in person, you can also often find her at local markets such as the Friendly City Flea and the Lakewood Ranch Farmer’s Market.

When you visit Danielle (and we hope you do!) be sure to tell her you heard about Driftheory on Discover Bradenton!

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