Freebee Brings No-Cost, Door-to-Door Transportation to Bradenton!

Bradenton locals and visitors now have an exciting new way to explore the city, thanks to the introduction of Freebee, a complimentary ride-sharing service. This innovative transportation option is part of the city’s efforts to address the challenges of traffic congestion and limited parking, while also promoting environmental sustainability through its fleet of electric vehicles.

Sponsored by the city’s Community Redevelopment Agencies, Freebee provides a convenient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation methods. Whether you’re heading downtown, to LECOM Park, or the Village of the Arts, you’ll now have an easy, completely free way to get around – no more batting traffic or searching for parking!

What to Expect

Freebee has the potential to transform the way Bradenton moves. More than a ridesharing service, it provides a fleet of sleek Teslas, offering on-demand, door-to-door transportation across the city’s key areas. Whether you’re looking for transportation to and from work, want to explore the city’s cultural and shopping destinations, or want a ride after enjoying a few drinks downtown, Freebee’s got you covered.

Here’s the deal: You can book a ride through the Freebee app (available on Android and iOS), which works in much the same way as services like Uber or Lyft. The app allows you to stay in contact with your driver and track the vehicle on a map. It also provides you with destination suggestions and local deals you can redeem within your service area.

To ensure a smooth experience, plan to book your ride 15 to 20 minutes in advance. But, if you’re out and about and see a Freebee car passing by, don’t hesitate to flag it down – they’re more than happy to accommodate on-demand ride requests.

Hours & Service Areas

Currently, Freebee’s free ride service in Bradenton operates during the following hours:

Wednesday: 10 AM to 8 PM
Thursday: 10 AM to 10 PM
Friday and Saturday: 10 AM to 12 AM (midnight)
Sunday: 10 AM to 8 PM

There is currently no service on Mondays or Tuesdays. However, as Freebee becomes more popular in Bradenton, we’re likely to see an expansion in both the hours and the number of vehicles in the fleet.

The service areas include downtown Bradenton, the Old Manatee Historic District, the Village of the Arts, and the LECOM Park area. Scroll down to see the service area map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the rides really free?

Yes! Freebee is completely free to riders! There is no cost for the ride and while drivers can accept tips for excellent service, they are not allowed to solicit tips, and there’s no option to tip within the app.

If you wish to show your appreciation with a tip, you’ll need to bring cash or use a personal cash app. However, you’ll never feel any pressure to do so.

Is riding with Freebee safe?

Safety is a top priority for Freebee. Unlike many ridesharing services, Freebee drivers are not contractors but employees—referred to as “ambassadors”—who are part of the local community.

Not only does this help ensure a higher level of accountability, but it also means you’re likely to see the same friendly faces, enhancing the sense of safety and community. Freebee’s ambassadors are local enthusiasts, eager to share tips about Bradenton’s hidden gems, making your ride not just safe but also informative and enjoyable.

Will I share my ride with other people?

Likely, yes. Freebee’s service is based on ride-pooling, which allows them to service passengers more efficiently and reduce ride waits. To ensure all passengers are comfortable, they do not allow smoking, vaping, eating, or drinking in the vehicles. Freebee also has a zero-tolerance policy for discussing sensitive topics in the vehicle, including politics, social issues, and personal information.

Can I use Freebee if I’m in a wheelchair?

Yes! In addition to a fleet of Teslas, Freebee also has a wheelchair-accessible van, complete with a wheelchair lift or ramp. The drivers are experienced with ADA compliance and will assist with loading and unloading.

To request a wheelchair-accessible ride, give them a call at 855-918-3733. They do ask for a bit of extra time – about 30 minutes – to get the vehicle to your location.

What if I don’t have internet service or a smartphone?

While the app is the primary way to get services, if you don’t have a phone or access to the app, or you need special accommodations, you can call Freebee’s dispatch line at (855) 918-3733. View the service area and more information at

Ready to experience Freebee for yourself?

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2 thoughts on “Freebee Brings No-Cost, Door-to-Door Transportation to Bradenton!

  • Craqig Pothuisje 4 weeks ago

    Will really be nice when you can expand more South to say the airport to the Sarasota Bay Area. Lots of seniors and assisted living homes in this area that could really use your servicesPlenty of things that are attractive out here also…Ringling Museum, SQR, IMG functions to mention a few.
    Look foreword to the time you can expand this direction.

  • Joan Small 4 weeks ago

    This is a much needed service. I hope you can expand the service area soon. I am off of Moccasin Wallow Rd and I could definitely use it. There is a tremendous amount of new housing over here so I imagine it is something that would be appreciated.

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