One Tribe Fitness: An Inspiring, Inclusive Fitness Alternative

One Tribe Fitness Bradenton

There are a lot of places in Bradenton where you can work on your fitness. Whether you’re into weight lifting, boxing, boot camp, or yoga, you don’t have to look far to find a studio to meet your needs. The problem is, most of these places are really good at just one thing. Until recently, if you wanted to work out in different ways, you had to join multiple gyms or studios.

One Tribe Fitness is changing that. Studio owners Jessica Currin and Beckie Hovda have created an inspiring and inclusive space where you can find your tribe and get fit along the way. Whether you want to lift, cycle, run, row, dance, or bounce your way to fitness, you can do it here.

When you walk in the door of the studio, one of the first things you’ll notice is the open floor plan. There are no walls or partitions here, and that was done on purpose. The studio is designed to allow members to see what’s going on in every area at all times. This helps foster a sense of community and inspire members to try new things.

With One Tribe’s fun and interesting class schedule, members can get everything they need under one roof. Some of their most popular classes include:

  • Rev (Cycling) – Move at your own pace through a series of sprints and climbs.  This class is driven by the music (considered a rhythm ride) and all intervals are optional.
  • Zone – Treadmill/rower interval class with weight training.  Participants can wear a heart rate monitor and information will project onto a screen.  At the end of class, you’ll get to see how many calories you burned as a team, how much power you generated as a team, and how many “points” you earned toward “Tribe Competitions.”
  • Rush (HIIT) – 30-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class that incorporates cardio and weight training.
  • Rip – Shape and challenge your core – muscular slings of the back, abdominals, obliques, glutes, and shoulders – through a series of exercises specifically designed to affect change. This class uses light weight plates and resistance bands.
  • Xtend – Barre class using classical Ballet moves to strengthen and tone the body.
  • Bounce (Bungee Fitness) – Step into the bungee and take flight!  The possibilities are endless in bungee fitness – you can fly like Superman, hop like a frog, and swing like a kid. You’ll get a great workout and have a TON of fun.
  • Yoga Stretch – Relax, unwind, and give your tired muscles the stretch they deserve.

Check out One Tribe’s class schedule for more details about the days and times each class is offered!

One Tribe Fitness is located at 602 Manatee Ave Bradenton, FL 34201, next to the former Tip Top Tavern. This downtown location makes the studio easily accessible to residents of Bradenton, Palmetto, and Lakewood Ranch.

The entire area is going through a renaissance, with new restaurants and retail shops popping up all the time. One Tribe Fitness is proud to be a part of the downtown scene and looks forward to making their own historical footprint.

Beckie and Jessica both have a burning passion for helping their members meet their fitness goals. They love watching their students grow and transform, both physically and mentally. In addition to the class schedule, they also host a special event every month to bring their “tribe” together and foster a sense of community.

At One Tribe Fitness, they truly believe everyone is Better Together.

Want to out One Tribe Fitness for yourself? You can get an unlimited one-week class pass for only $25. Make sure you tell them you heard about it on Discover Bradenton!

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One Tribe Fitness Bradenton

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