The Perfect Pup Rescue

an abandoned Greyhound Rescue was available for sale, she knew she had to jump on the opportunity. Here's what you need to know.
The Perfect Pup Rescue Myakka City

When Bradenton resident Jodie Hernandez learned that an abandoned Greyhound Rescue was available for sale, she knew she had to jump on the opportunity. The shelter, located at 1801 Verna Rd. in Myakka City is currently receiving a facelift and will soon house The Perfect Pup Rescue. We recently had a chance to catch up with Jodie and learn more about this exciting adventure!

Turning a Vision Into Reality

Jodie’s vision is to create a safe space where their furry residents are treated with respect, unconditional love, and kindness while they wait for their forever homes. When it’s completed, the Perfect Pup Rescue will look more like a “dog hotel” than a traditional “shelter.” The dogs will be able to enjoy multiple run areas, a water feature where they can splash and play, and an agility course to burn off that extra energy. They also plan to have a staff member living on-site to care for the animals around the clock.

Perfect Pup App

Once The Perfect Pup Rescue is ready to start accepting dogs, their goal is to quickly assess/evaluate their rescued pups as they play in this environment. They’ll use their observations to create unique profiles for each pup so they can be matched with their perfect humans. You’ll be able to view the profiles through an app that works like a dating app, scrolling through until you’re ready to “swipe right” on your perfect pup!

3-Phase “Rescue Revival”

The rescue’s location needs some TLC. To bring Jodie’s vision to life while making the transition as seamless and comfortable as possible, they’re planning a three-phase “Rescue Revival.”

During the first phase, they’ll power wash the facility, replace rotten wood, repair the existing fence, clear brush from the play area, and add an underground septic tank. Next, they’ll epoxy the floors, paint the shelter, add a vinyl fence, and create a welcoming adoption area and a small dog housing area.

The third phase of the revival entails paving a walk through the Pup Rescue Shelter, constructing a doggy pool area for dogs that love to swim, building an exercise agility pit, and constructing a puppy room.

So far, all of the work has been done on a volunteer basis and donations are steadily coming in. One generous donor even provided them with a rescue van!

If you want to help with this awesome venture, there are many different things you can do. They’re currently looking for donations of unused pet medications, elevated dog beds, training treats and dental chews, and beds and blankets for puppies. These items can be dropped at either Parkwood Dental Location (5315 4th Ave Circle East Bradenton, FL 34208 or 2620 48th Ave. West Bradenton, FL 34207) or you can give them a call and they’ll pick it up from you.

Follow them on Facebook so you can learn about upcoming volunteer events! Want to make a monetary donation? Check out their GoFundMe page and their Amazon Wish List.

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