Casa Lago: A Fresh Approach to Senior Living in Bradenton

While working in home health care in Florida, occupational therapist Guiselle Miranda began to notice a common thread in many senior living homes. Despite the array of services offered, she observed that residents often seemed sedentary. Many were confined to wheelchairs, with limited opportunities for active engagement. This observation led to a growing desire within Guiselle to create something more for the aging community—a place where seniors could prolong their independence, maintain mobility, and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

The idea began to take shape when a fellow church member’s husband fell ill and was admitted to a senior living home, only to experience multiple falls and accidents. Seeking Guiselle’s professional advice, the resident’s family was met with an unsettling reality.

Despite consulting with co-workers, Guiselle couldn’t recommend a single facility that would meet her friend’s needs and expectations. Recognizing this significant gap in care, her friend urged her, saying: “You should start one up. There’s a big gap in good care in this community.”

Encouraged and fueled by a passion to fill this void, Guiselle embarked on a journey that led to the establishment of Casa Lago Independent Retirement Home. Through tireless effort and unwavering support from the community, she was able to purchase, renovate, and bring to life not just one, but two locations that align with her vision for active and independent senior living.

Casa Lago is not just another retirement home. It is a manifestation of Guiselle Miranda’s dream, a response to a genuine community need, and a heartfelt commitment to enriching the lives of seniors in Bradenton. It symbolizes a fresh approach, a celebration of life’s later years, and an open invitation for residents to embrace independence in a supportive, engaging environment.

Casa Lago: A Family’s Mission to Redefine Retirement Living

When Guiselle imagined Casa Lago Independent Retirement Home, she saw a bright, welcoming place where seniors could truly enjoy their golden years.

Having been an occupational therapist for over 11 years, Guiselle’s heart has always been set on helping people live their best lives, no matter their age. Eight of those years were spent in hospitals, where she saw firsthand the difference the right care could make. Another three years in home health taught her how small changes at home could prevent falls and make everyday tasks easier.

All those years of learning and caring are the basis for Casa Lago’s unique approach. Here, the focus isn’t just on providing care, but on ensuring every resident feels empowered and independent. Whether it’s through tailored rehab exercises to keep the body strong or setting up rooms with the right equipment, Guiselle’s vision is to go above and beyond to ensure every person at Casa Lago has exactly what they need to thrive.

From Vision to Reality: Casa Lago Celebrates Grand Opening in Bradenton

Today, Guiselle’s vision is becoming a reality. The first Casa Lago location opened in early September, and a second location will be opening soon. Both located in West Bradenton, these homes will soon welcome residents, providing a fresh and engaging approach to retirement living.

Personalized Care Rooted in Family Values

Guiselle describes Casa Lago as a family-owned establishment that has been prepared with love and designed to provide the ultimate home-like setting. “We strive to treat our residents with all the kindness, respect, and love they deserve,” she says, “Our family of four is excited to share many great moments with our residents.”

This family understands that each resident has unique needs, preferences, and goals. They will work closely with each resident and their families to develop “a plan that meets specific requirements and ensures comfort, security, and happiness.” Each home will have four to six residents, allowing for an intimate experience and truly personalized care.

A Full Suite of Senior Care Options

Casa Lago will offer a full suite of senior care options, including independent living, adult day care, and social and recreational activities.

Independent Living

At Casa Lago, the term “independent living” goes beyond the traditional definition. The facilities are set up to provide a supportive, safe, and enjoyable environment that empowers residents to discover true independence in their golden years.

Each location is set up with needed assistive equipment and a variety of amenities to ensure that residents enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Services provided include meal preparation and dining, laundry and housekeeping, supervision by trained staff as needed, and therapy screenings and recommendations. They also have private and semi-private rooms, gardens with fenced grounds, exercise programs, and activities for enrichment.

Adult Day Care

For seniors who need a bit of supervision or some company for a few hours a day, Casa Lago’s Adult Day Care Program provides support and engaging activities in a safe environment.

Their trained staff is available to assist with medication management, meals, enrichment activities, exercises to maintain strength, and other needs.

Social and Recreational Activities

Keeping residents active and engaged in retirement is a priority for Casa Lago, which is why they offer a variety of social and recreational activities.

This includes exercise classes, games, outings to local attractions, and other activities that will help create a vibrant and fulfilling retirement community for their residents.

Experience Casa Lago for Yourself

Casa Lago will be holding an open house event on Tuesday, October 24th from 12 pm to 2 pm, so you can come out and see the location for yourself. Please RSVP using the phone number below.

For more information about Casa Lago Independent Retirement Home, please contact 941-281-5963. You can also visit their website, and follow them on Facebook.

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