King of Pops Brings Fun and Frosty Flavors to Bradenton

Janette Gagnon and Allyson Bradberry aren’t your typical entrepreneurs. When they launched their business, their shared dream was simple yet delightful: to live by the beautiful gulf waters while “slinging popsicles” and spreading joy. In March of 2023, this dream became a reality when King of Pops arrived in Bradenton.

This unique popsicle venture isn’t just about cooling down on a hot day. It’s a true journey of flavors. Whether you’re craving the tangy delight of Strawberry Lemonade or the creamy richness of Banana Puddin’, there’s a pop for every palate.

Some flavors might remind you of a cherished childhood memory, while others will take your taste buds on an exciting new adventure.

In addition to a slew of classics, King of Pops also offers a variety of unique flavors like Chocolate Sea Salt, Orange Cream, and Thai Iced Tea, as well as some interesting part-time and popup flavors. Best of all, King of Pops popsicles are all-natural and handcrafted with 3-5 ingredients in each, making them a tasty treat you can feel good about eating.

Bringing Communities Together One Pop at a Time

King of Pops is a traveling popsicle cart that caters corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, employee appreciation events, festivals, and more. They can handle events of all sizes, adding a splash of fun with their signature cart, chalkboard, rainbow umbrella, and a friendly face to serve pops to all your guests.

While the delightful popsicle flavors are the main draw, there’s so much more to what King of Pops offers. It’s not just about savoring a chilled treat – it’s about the moments created around it. When Janette and Allyson set out on this venture, they weren’t only looking to sell popsicles, they aimed to cultivate moments of happiness. Their mission has always been clear – to provide unexpected moments of happiness, or as they call it, UMOHs.

At its core, King of Pops is about community – it’s about building relationships, fostering connections, and, most importantly, spreading joy. Whether you’re looking to add some fun to your next event or just enjoy an afternoon treat, keep them in mind. You’ll be seeing their cart around town – at festivals, farmer’s markets, and more. When you spot them, do yourself a favor and indulge in one of their sweet treats!

To learn more, give them a call at 404-935-1563, email, or book a cart online.

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