Soul to Soul Yoga Offers Healing, Connection, and Inclusivity

When we think of yoga, images of peace, balance, and strength often come to mind. But at Soul to Soul Yoga, these concepts take on a deeper, more transformative meaning. Here, yoga isn’t just about flexibility, it’s a specially crafted form of therapy for all individuals – including those with unique needs. From children with special needs and individuals with limited mobility to corporate entities seeking relaxation, Soul to Soul Yoga offers an inclusive experience for all.

Heartfelt Beginnings

Growing up with an older brother with autism and an aunt with Down syndrome, Soul to Soul’s owner Cheryl Albright experienced firsthand the challenges and joys of supporting loved ones with special needs.

Her passion began early – at just 14, she began working with special needs children at Rotary Camp Onsewaya. These early experiences laid the foundation for Cheryl’s career, leading her to become an esteemed occupational therapist and a dedicated practitioner of Yoga for the Special Child®.

Today, her studio provides a harmonious blend of yoga intertwined with therapeutic techniques.

At its heart, Soul to Soul Yoga thrives on a simple yet profound belief: everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or orientation, deserves empowerment and connection.

They strive to make every individual feel at home in their body, aiming for meaningful engagement in life’s daily tasks and pleasures.

A Range of Services for Every Body

Soul to Soul’s unique blend of services ensures a holistic approach to wellness and creates an inclusive space where there truly is something for everyone. Here’s a look at some of the services they offer.

Specialized Children’s Yoga Therapy

Soul to Soul’s children’s yoga therapy sessions are designed and led by expert teachers trained in the renowned Yoga For The Special Child® Sonia Sumar Method™.

These 1:1 classes can be held at various locations – in your home, at their facility, virtually, or even at a child’s school.

These targeted sessions are ideal for children grappling with conditions such as autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, behavioral challenges, and developmental delays.

During classes, instructors focus on critical areas like attention span, emotional regulation, motor skills, balance, and visual scanning.

If a child faces challenges in sleeping patterns, emotional balance, physical balance, or task attention, this type of yoga therapy may be beneficial.

Group Yoga Sessions

Soul to Soul conducts group yoga classes tailored for all skill levels and offered at multiple price points. They prioritize intimate learning experiences, limiting their class size to a maximum of 12 participants. Current offerings include:

  • Prenatal classes
  • Chair options classes
  • Tween Hybrid classes
  • Gentle yoga classes

Check out the current schedule now! Virtual classes and therapies are also available.

Corporate or Institutional Yoga Services

Soul to Soul extends its yoga services to various institutions, including schools, adult day training hubs, and programs for seniors. Organizations interested in introducing a therapeutic yoga regime or wishing to offer yoga to staff can contact Soul to Soul for more information.


SibShops are an integral part of Soul to Soul’s offerings. They’re inspired by Cheryl’s personal experiences as the sibling of an individual with autism.

SibShops are vibrant events where siblings can connect, discuss their experiences, and enjoy fun activities. They cater to kids aged 7 to 12, but older siblings have an opportunity to volunteer and earn community service credits.

Community Education & Training

Cheryl Albright, Soul to Soul’s CEO and founder, spearheads continuing education initiatives for occupational therapists, yoga therapists, yoga teachers, parents, and the wider community. Her lectures encompass a broad spectrum of topics ranging from sensory processing to the impacts of sleep on functionality and trauma.

Holistic Occupational Therapy Services

Soul to Soul offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to occupational therapy, catering to individuals of all ages. They accept certain insurances and recognize the FES-UA Scholarship (previously known as the Gardiner Scholarship).

Discover the Soul to Soul Experience

Soul to Soul Yoga is more than just a yoga studio. It’s a unique space where occupational therapy and yoga come together. For anyone seeking balance, strength, or community connection, Soul to Soul Yoga offers the perfect opportunity. Explore their website to learn more about their offerings, read Cheryl’s insightful blogs, and join their vibrant community. You can also stay updated by following their Facebook page.

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