Unleashing Potential: How STEM Camps Shape Future Careers

We are so lucky to have a resource like the SCF Coding Academy in Manatee County! Recently, we were able to chat with them about their upcoming STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) camps for middle school and high school students. Here’s what they had to say…

Are you ready to ignite your child’s passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)? At SCF Coding Academy, we’re thrilled to offer dynamic STEM camps for rising middle and high school students, held on the beautiful State College of Florida campus.

Our camps are designed to ignite curiosity, inspire creativity, and cultivate essential skills for tomorrow’s workforce. According to Desh Bagley, Director of the SCF Advanced Technology Center, each week campers embark on an exciting journey through robotics, cybersecurity, engineering technology, and more, exploring themes that reflect the latest in cutting-edge technologies.

This is an exciting opportunity to give students a competitive edge by adding meaningful experiences to their college applications and college scholarships. Additionally, Coding Academy camps help students explore a variety of majors and careers featuring emerging technologies. Here’s what you can expect…

Camps for Middle & High School Students

For middle school campers, our programs include hands-on experiences designing, building, and programming LEGO® and Spike Prime® LEGO robots. These activities not only introduce students to robotics but also foster problem-solving skills and creativity. The robotics camps for middle schoolers will culminate in a friendly robotics competition on the last day of camp. Parents are welcome to attend to cheer on their campers.

High school campers dive deeper into engineering technology, exploring advanced topics such as artificial intelligence, microcontrollers, and soldering. They’ll have the opportunity to design and build mini drones, gaining valuable hands-on experience in emerging technologies.

Our campers don’t just learn technical skills—they also develop essential soft skills like teamwork, communication, and presentation abilities. Through project-based learning, they tackle real-world challenges, design virtual worlds to showcase their entrepreneurial creations, and collaborate with peers to find innovative solutions.

The cost of our camps is $299 per week, which includes a field trip and a camp t-shirt. Campers will also have the chance to tour the State College of Florida campus, giving them a glimpse into their future educational opportunities.

Explore Scholarship Opportunites

In addition to our enriching programs, we’re pleased to offer scholarships for select camps to ensure accessibility for all students. Thanks to the generosity of Nuts, Bolts, and Thingamajigs, we’re able to provide financial assistance to students who wish to attend our camps. Those interested in applying for a camp scholarship can apply using this form.

Join us at SCF Coding Academy STEM camps as we empower the next generation of STEM leaders. Visit our website for more information about our camps, including registration links for each program. Don’t miss this opportunity to inspire and prepare your child for a future filled with endless possibilities! Visit Coding.SCF.edu/Camps or call 941-752-5160 to learn more and sign up.

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