Bark Less, Smile More: Local Dog Trainer Julie Madison is Changing Lives for Local Dog Owners

Does your dog constantly pull on the leash and bark at everything that moves? Is counter-surfing a recurring problem in your home? If you’ve found yourself nodding in agreement, then local dog trainer Julie Madison may be exactly what you need! With a love for dogs that dates back to her youth and a commitment to top-notch training, Julie has become Bradenton’s go-to expert for all things canine.

A Lifetime of Passion and Expertise

Julie’s first dog was a German Shepherd/pit mix named Ralph that had intense leash reactivity to other dogs. After Julie adopted Ralph and trained him to overcome his issues, the shelter she adopted him from allowed her to begin working with their dogs when she was just 15.

During her three years and over 300 hours of volunteering at the shelter, Julie developed unique insights into rehabilitating, training, and socializing a variety of dogs. As a Certified Pet Trainer and Foundation Dog® Trainer, Julie has seen it all – from dogs that need a bit of help with manners to those with serious aggression issues.

Her philosophy is simple but profound: “Work the dog in front of you.” Julie understands that each dog is unique and requires a tailored approach. Her extensive experience and knowledge equip her to address specific needs and help pet owners develop a harmonious relationship between themselves and their furry friends.

Training Services and Programs

Located in West Bradenton, Top Tier K9 offers an array of services to suit every need. Whether your dog needs basic obedience training, off-leash obedience, or housebreaking – or you’re dealing with more intense issues like dog aggression, human reactivity, or nipping at houseguests, Julie is well equipped to handle it.

The heart of Top Tier K9 is the 4-week board-and-train program, where dogs receive intensive coaching in a well-equipped facility. Complete with indoor/outdoor kennels, air conditioning, a 6-foot vinyl fence, and astroturf, the facility ensures a comfortable environment for both training and relaxation.

Julie also offers advanced training for protection dogs, emotional support dogs, and service dogs, as well as scent detection and tracking training. In addition, she raises protection and support dogs from puppies, allowing families to purchase a fully-trained and certified dog that is ready to start working immediately.

Paw-sitive Reviews

We think the services Julie provides are pretty amazing, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of the five-star reviews from her clients…

“Putting our dog through the 4-week board and train with Julie was the best decision we made. Our dog Bullet is high energy and did not listen well.

He is now home and we feel like his behavior is like night and day. We’re able to walk him without any distractions, he listens to all of his commands, and he has not even barked while being in his crate.

I highly, highly recommend Julie as a dog trainer. She not only trained Bullet, but she trained us as well so we can continue practicing him being on his best behavior.”
~ Heather Baker

I brought my doodle Khloe in for a month boarding program and she is a whole new dog!

Julie taught me how to work around Khloe’s stubborn personality and make sure I’m doing the best training for her and for me.

I am so happy with the results from the program and would recommend Julie to everyone!

I will 100% be bringing Khloe back in for private sessions as well.” ~ Kennedy Reynolds

I absolutely respect and appreciate the top-notch training Julie provided me with when considering adopting a dog.

The knowledge she shared with me and the time she spent with me to understand the behaviors and how to train this dog were beyond remarkable and kind.

I would recommend Top Tier K9 in Bradenton with Julie Madison to anyone that needs a board and train. I can tell you she is worth every penny!” ~ Heather Jennings

These glowing testimonials showcase the impact Julie’s training has on both dogs and their owners. By not only training the dogs but also educating the owners, she ensures that the positive changes last a lifetime.

From Kennedy’s newfound understanding of dog behaviors to Bullet’s transformation into an obedient companion, Julie’s approach is a resounding success, earning her a reputation as one of Bradenton’s premier dog trainers.

Unleash Your Dog’s Potential! Contact Julie for a Consultation

To learn more, visit Top Tier K9’s website or give Julie a call at (203) 733-7183. She’ll be happy to discuss your dog’s needs and explore how Top Tier K9 can help you embrace a whole new world of understanding, love, and harmony with your pet.

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