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    30 Reviews on “Top Tier K9 | K9 and People Training Home of the Foundation Dog ®”

    • Shana Dam 4 months ago

      Top Tier K9-Bradenton
      Julie worked with our 9 month old GSD with reactivity issues. What a difference 4 weeks of training has made! I am now able to walk him without him going crazy at everything he sees! Most importantly, she taught us the tools to feel confident enough to continue his training at home.

    • Lonnie mcglashen 4 months ago

      I first met Julie at the animal shelter in Florida. She was volunteering her time there and getting to know the dogs. I knew right away that she was a dog whisperer. Dogs that I could not handle Julie handled with ease. I adopted a dog from the shelter, who happened to have leash reactivity and barrier reactivity. I decided to use Julie’s services and board and train him for six weeks. Once a week we went to see Julie and our dog and she taught us what he was already learning and how to handle him. The last week of his boarding train Julie brought him to our house and went over everything with us and also took a long neighborhood walk with other dogs around to get make sure we were comfortable with him to say that he’s a different dog after training with Julie is an understatement. I don’t think any dog could be 100% cured when they have issues but if you work with Julie tells you to do and you keep on it I think 90% is what we have and it’s the best thing ever , I highly recommend Julie I’ve already referred her to so many of my close friends because I trust her. She is the real deal!

    • Jary See Gilbreath 4 months ago

      Julie is a most remarkable dog trainer! I adopted Stella, a golden retriever from a slaughterhouse in China. Yes, it’s awful how they treat them. Stella knew no rules and I desperately needed help! Thank God for Julie!! After 4 weeks, Stella knew heel, sit, down, come and finally had some manners. We get to see Julie at GTBray park on Monday evenings which has helped to reinforce her new rules. Julie is the most accomplished young woman I’ve been fortunate to meet. She has my full trust.

    • Blake R 7 months ago

      I met Julie through her work with Forgotten Coast K9 and when I received my service dog. Seeing Julie’s commitment and hard work in training, is why I always tell my friends in the Bradenton/Tampa area about her when they ask who I recommend. Julie has a plethora of knowledge and experience and has helped me multiple times in troubleshooting training issues I’ve had with my service dog. She’s always eager to help me out and for that I’m truly thankful.

    • Mitchell Miller 7 months ago

      I originally found out about Julie from someone at the gym. At the time I was planning on sending my shepherd to a different place for training… and I’m glad I didn’t. I sent Jager away for a month of board and train and I got back a much better dog. he walks perfect, he listens to commands perfect, he doesn’t run up to other dogs to play like he used to. I can take him anywhere and not even need a leash. Being in a wheelchair that’s important lol. You work with her in person once a week every week so you can learn what’s being taught which arguably is more important. she sends videos of her working with the dog very often, something the dog wizard did NOT do. At all. which let me know my dog is actually being worked with. communication with her is and still is incredible. question? Just text her. I’ve recommended a number of people to her and still will. I won’t take my dogs anywhere else from this point on lol. And as a side note: she will pick the dog up and drop off if you need it. Which helped me tremendously when I sent him back a few months later while I was out of state and got really sick after lol.
      So if you want a well behaved doggie. I’m tellinnnnnnn you. Work with her

    • Ken Morgan 7 months ago

      We enrolled my daughter’s dog Rex in Julie’s 4-week board and train program. Prior to the training, Rex responded well to my daughter but not so well to me. Julie worked with me on some simple things that made Rex a much more obedient dog around me. I now feel confident walking Rex in crowds and feel that she generally responds well to me. I had not grown up as a dog owner so Julie’s instructions helped. After the 4 week course, we boarded Rex with Julie and were very happy with her care.

    • Terri 7 months ago

      Julie is a fabulous, patient trainer. Her facility is immaculate. Soji started with her as a young puppy and is becoming a great companion to us and our older dog. Highly recommend for board and train!

    • Stella 7 months ago

      Stella is an adoptee from a Chinese slaughterhouse and came to us with numerous issues; fearful of us and other dogs, submissive, kennel fear, and a language barrier. With Julies expert in-house training, these issues have all subsided. She is now enjoying a dogs life and is loving and obedient, enjoys walks with other dogs, knows and obeys commands and finally feels at home. Many thanks to Julie for helping us turn around what would have been disastrous for Stella to her having a warm, safe and comfortable home. We will keep up reinforcing all we have learned from her.
      Highly recommend her training techniques.

    • Jasper 7 months ago

      I’m really enjoying my trainer Julie. She taught me how to make a few friends (girls) since I didn’t trust any dogs after being they attacked me and left me for dead.
      I’m not saying I’m becoming a playboy, but ………

    • Melissa 7 months ago

      Julie’s facility is immaculate, I took a tour and met a few of the dogs. She is training. I’ve seen Zelda progress more and more as Julie has trained her

    • Melanie Whaley 7 months ago

      I never hesitate to recommend Julie Madison of Top Tier K9 to dog owners I meet, especially when they struggle with a particular unacceptable behavior in their “best friend.” She has the perfect character to communicate clearly with the dogs. My KAZ always goes to her with pleasure.

    • Nicholette 7 months ago

      Julie is awesome! She is very informative, responsive, and honest about your dog and their needs! She’s been doing this for a long time and is very knowledgeable. My German shepherd was not an easy one, but she made the impossible possible with hard work and consistency, and taught us well to do the work to do the same after bringing him back home. He’s much better on walks now too, which was a major goal for us.

    • Lori Moyer 7 months ago

      I just want to say WOW Julie is the best dog trainer I have ever met! I just rescued an adorable pitbull who needed lots of love and guidance with his manners! We just finished our 4 week training and what a big difference her training has made on him! She’s just wonderful!

    • Sandra Beach 7 months ago

      I recently adopted an eight year old beagle mix from an animal shelter. She was impossible to control on a leash and didn’t respond to any basic commands. NOTE the past tense. I was ready to return her to the shelter. I enrolled her in Top Tier K9 and what a difference! She responds to commands and walks with me instead of dragging and pulling me. Julie Madison was very patient with both of us. I would highly recommend attending this program for any dog but especially a shelter dog to ensure a successful placement in a forever home. Thanks to this training my shelter dog is staying with me.

    • Kellie & Mycah 8 months ago

      Dakota, our pitbull, was with Julie for 4 weeks for aggression with other dogs and people. We cannot believe the change in her ! She has come back to us a different dog ! We will still have to stay diligent with training, corrections and rewarding but the difference in her is night and day ! Julie is highly knowledgeable and very good at what she does ! I’m so thankful we chose her ! Thank you again Julie ! We couldn’t have done it without you !!!!!

    • Debbie Hunsicket 8 months ago

      Our 12 month old chocolate lab is like a different dog.. Julie has done amazing training with him. We can’t wait for him to come home and be the dog we dreamed of having .well behaved.. Walk well on a leash among many other things. So thankful we brought him there!!

    • Gabriella Anastasakis 8 months ago

      I used Julie for my one year old girl puppy. I was browsing around for other trainers but I definitely made the right decision. I could not have made a better choice. She was kind, knowledgeable, and very friendly. My dog, Gaia, looked up to Julie, respected her, and loved her. Julie was very accommodating when it came to scheduling. I strongly recommend Julie’s K-9 training program.

    • Martha 8 months ago

      Sending my then 7-month-old puppy (Cora) to Julie for the 4-week board and train program was the best decision I could have made. I was so pleased in fact that I extended her stay by an extra week and won’t hesitate to send her for “refresher training” as needed. I knew that a high energy puppy was going to be a lot of work but having never raised a puppy in a condo I was at a loss. Julie gave me the confidence and tools I needed and Cora the solid foundation she needed so I could be successful in introducing her to new environments as we begin our active lives together. We have well-mannered wonderful daily walks, trips to walk at the local parks, the Public Market and Riverwalk and we even ventured out to a horse show. She is making a visible improvement daily. I am especially over the moon happy to find someone so fabulous located so close to me! The extra training sessions taught ME how to communicate more clearly with Cora. I highly recommend Julie and her marvelous facility!

    • Matti K. 9 months ago

      My dog Kane has been doing a board and train with Julie the last 3.5 weeks. He is not even back from his 4 week program yet and I am so beyond happy with his progress!! He is doing amazing and learning so much. He was always a smart boy, but we needed help with his training for sure! The way he listens now to commands, the progress on his reactivity to other dogs, all amazing!!! Every week at our check in visits I am more and more impressed with everything Julie had done with him! We are sending our other pup there for training soon as well. So excited to have such well trained dogs in our home. I HIGHLY recommend Julie for your dog training!

    • Pamela Wiggins 12 months ago

      Our Doberman Scarlett spent four months training with Julie going through basic obedience to protection. We couldn’t be more pleased with the love and care she was shown. Julie was always sending pictures and videos and communicating updates on what was being worked on. Julie did an amazing job not only teaching Scarlett but also myself. I had zero confidence in myself to handle a Doberman and now I feel like a pro thanks to Julie’s teaching and coaching. She takes great pride in all of her dogs and I’m so happy we connected with her as our dog is thriving and so well behaved. You will not be disappointed giving Julie an opportunity to work with your pup.

      • Julie Madison 11 months ago

        Thank you so much. I truly loved working with you, G, and Scarlett. I love the constant updates I get and it makes my heart so happy to see your family thriving together.

    • Heather Jennings 12 months ago

      I absolutely respect and appreciate the top notch training Julie provided me with when considering adopting a dog. The knowledge she shared with me and the time she spent with me to understand the behaviors and how to train this dog were beyond remarkable and kind. I would recommend Top Tier K9 in Bradenton with Julie Madison to anyone that needs a board and train. I can tell you she is worth every penny!

      • Julie Madison 12 months ago

        Thank you so much for the wonderful review. It was an absolute pleasure spending time with you and I am so glad that you were able to make the right decision for your family based on the knowledge we covered.

    • Artem 1 year ago

      The best dog trainer! We were looking for a trainer for our Doberman more than 3 months! And finally we did. She was always sending photo and video of the training! And even after 1 months still happy what she did for our puppy! Thank you

    • Jennifer Goldsmith 1 year ago

      Wow….where do I begin on how AMAZING Julie Madison is with Top Tier K9 in Brandenton. She saved our beautiful dog and placed him in a home where he will be way more successful. From the minute I spoke with here on the phone, I knew she was the right choice to protect my dog. She was instantly friendly and makes you feel comfortable and confident that she is the REAL DEAL. I had to learn the ugly part of the dog world and how bad some people are. But Julie is the reason why so many animals thrive and provide their families with endless love.

      Also, her property where all this training takes place is pristine. Her beautiful, air controlled, kennels were so clean and spacious that I would have slept in it and that says A LOT. I’m super clean person. He artificial turf in the backyard, beautiful fence, her dog transport….all exceptiona, top of the line in every way.

      I really could go on and on about how amazing and greatful that we are for Julie Madison. I would travel hours to board my dog with her, training, whatever you need. She’s TOTALLY worth it!

    • Heather Baker 1 year ago

      Putting our dog through the 4 week board and train with Julie was the best decision we made. Our dog Bullet is high energy and did not listen well. He is now home and we feel like his behavior is like night and day. We’re able to walk him without any distractions, he listens to all of his commands, and he has not even barked while being in his crate. I highly, highly recommend Julie as a dog trainer. She not only trained Bullet, but she trained us as well so we can continue practicing him being on his best behavior.

      • Julie Madison 1 year ago

        Thank you so much Heather for the review. It was my pleasure to train, you, Bullet, and your family and I am so glad that you are all in a way better place.

    • Jody B 1 year ago

      Julie was great! I was so nervous about leaving my dog for a whole month but she gave lots of updates and pictures! Now he is walking great, and listening to commands! Thank you!

    • Silvana Martins 1 year ago

      I left my dog, Bear , with Julie, and she did a wonderful job! Not only she addressed his main issues but also found him a loving new family 😁!!!

    • Suzana Bucciarelli 1 year ago

      Julie was very confident in rehoming our foster dog Bear. Bear is a great dog but at that time he needed correction with his anxiety when with other dogs and meeting strangers. Not only Julie was able to find a forever family for Bear, but also trained him to be a well rounded friendly family dog. We are very thankful for her service.

    • Kennedy reynolds 1 year ago

      I brought my doodle khloe in for a month boarding program and she is a whole new dog! Julie taught me how to work around Khloes stubborn personality and make sure I’m doing the best training for her and for me. I am so happy with the results from the program and would recommend Julie to everyone! I will 100% be bringing khloe back in for private sessions as well.

    • Jay 1 year ago

      Julie Madison is by far the best dog trainer in Florida. My dog was a mess. Never listened and baked at everything. Now, my dog does everything I ask and it’s living her best life. I can take her out on public and she’s super chill. If your dog has any kind of issue, Julie Madison can fix it.

      • Julie Madison 1 year ago

        Thanks so much for the review, It was my pleasure to help out.

    • Jamie Byrd 1 year ago

      So thrilled to have gotten our dog from Julie after a 4 week Board and Train program. He was owner surrendered and she completely transformed his life. The training for him, and our family was absolutely incredible. Several months in and we are so thankful for her!

      • Julie Madison 1 year ago

        Thank you so much Jamie. I am so happy to be able to match you and Bear, and to help you both enjoy your best lives together.

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