• Holiday Boat Parade

Manatee River Holiday Boat Parade

December 10, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - 10:15 pm

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse


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    2 thoughts on “Manatee River Holiday Boat Parade

    • Ginger Kay Phillips-Sharief 12 months ago

      Terrible communication of the event. Came early to get spot on Riverwalk, then discovered it was on other side of Manatee. Boardwalk closed. Risked life crossing Manatee. Information indicated start at 6pm. Waited stand on bridge with hundreds of others. Nothing but boaters coming to watch. Finally left. So disappointed.

    • Sandy Scroggins 12 months ago

      It would be wonderful if the boats would travel east on the North side of Manatee River to the restaurants and travel west on the South side on their way back to the Yacht Club or vice versa. They did this many years ago. Really miss being able to see them from our backyard.

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