Our Local Businesses Need Your Help!

Every dollar you spend makes a difference, and it’s time to start keeping our money in our community. Are YOU ready to join the movement?

#SupportLocal is so much more than just a tagline. For many of our friends and neighbors who own local businesses, it can mean the difference between growing a thriving business they can pass on to their children and having to close their doors.

It’s easy to support this important cause! Help revive our local economy and strengthen our community by shopping at local stores, dining at locally-owned restaurants, and choosing local for your products and services.

Explore our directory of locally-owned businesses. We make it easy to eat, drink, shop, play, and support local.

Show your support for our community by pledging to support local businesses whenever you can.

Do you own a business in Manatee Country?
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When you spend money at local businesses, more of your hard-earned dollars stay in our community. Instead of helping a corporate CEO purchase their third vacation home, you’re helping pay for a daughter’s dance lessons, a child’s college tuition, or a hard-working family’s retirement.

As they earn more revenue, local businesses spend more money on taxes, payroll, and purchases. This helps the community gain more jobs and provides more money for schools, roads, and other important services.

Our business directory makes it easy to find a local solution for all of your needs. We’re also your best source for local deals and discounts — so you can support our local community and save money while you do it!

Discover Bradenton is All About Supporting Local Businesses and Our Community!

We use the power of our website traffic, search rankings, and social media following to give small local businesses a platform to share their story. Our #SupportLocal movement aims to help our small businesses not just survive but THRIVE.

We understand how difficult it is for smaller businesses to compete against “the big guys” with massive budgets. However, that doesn’t mean you always have to come in second. Discover Bradenton is here to help you amplify your message and get noticed by local consumers who want to support your business.