Absolute Tranquility of the Body and Mind


Business Hours
Monday – Friday 8 am-8 pm
Saturday 9 am-2 pm

With over 8 years of massage therapy experience, Jessica Lehr, LMT, FB graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage Therapy in York, PA in 2011. After relocating to Florida she attended Florida College of Natural Health to become duly licensed in skincare and Massage Therapy by March of 2012.

“My career as a massage therapist occurred due to a medical condition I became aware of in my teen years. The dysfunction allowed me to better understand the human body and its functionality. Working with patients on changing posture habits, teaching helpful in-home self care, and helping to create a pain-relieving experience is my intention.

Becoming duly licensed in massage and skin care has allowed me to help men and women with their skin challenges. I specialize in acne and pigmentation skin conditions. Did you know circulation is the key to regenerating collagen and elastin in the skin? Or how a facial massage can help your skin bounce back?

My mission as a compassionate Massage Therapist is to help others with complicated conditions find relief from their aches and pains.

Let me help you achieve your optimum health with a Mind and Body experience!”