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2 Bradenton Yoga Teachers Compete for the Title of “Yoga Warrior”

The international Yoga Warrior competition will be a game-changer for the winner, and two Bradenton yoga teachers just made it to the next round!

Beyond Bendy: Bradenton Instructor Uses Yoga to Heal the Body and the Soul

Yoga is so much more than a great workout! Learn more about how Bradenton yoga instructor Diana Hughes is using the practice to heal trauma and more!

The Yoga Journey Comes to City Fitness!

The Yoga Journey with Kat Fetzer and YogiDi are excited to partner with City Fitness to bring yoga back to downtown Bradenton!

Thrive Yoga & Fitness is Expanding!

Long known as both a yoga studio and a healing center, Thrive Yoga and Fitness is expanding into the space next door. Studio owner Erin Geraghty is excited to offer a wide variety of new classes and to share the

6 Awesome Bradenton Yoga Experiences You Won’t Want to Miss

With crazy trends like chicken nugget yoga, rage yoga, and even naked yoga, hitting the news, it seems like everywhere you look, someone is talking about taking the latest and greatest twist on the traditional yoga practice. Although we don’t