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This Holiday Season Work Less & Enjoy More

In this edition of Tips From the Pros, Ruth Presser, owner of Organizing with Clarity, provides some expert Holiday Organization Tips. Here’s what she had to say…

Tips From the Pros: Experience the Health Benefits of Dance

In this edition of Tips From the Pros, we were excited to chat with Bonnie Gray, program director of Dance Alliance of Bradenton, who shared some great information about the many health benefits of dance. Check it out! GET UP

How to Care for Succulents in Winter – ArtbyCMac

If you’re a collector of succulents – or you’re thinking about adding some of these beautiful plants to your home – it’s important to take the time to learn how to keep them happy and healthy all year long. In

Be Kind to Your Garbage Disposal: It Will Save You Time and Money in the Future

Scott and Linda Monroe, owners of Monroe Plumbing, share their tips for taking care of your garbage disposal this holiday season.

Roof Scammers: What To Look For…

Being the victim of a scam is never any fun, especially when it comes to something expensive like a roof repair or replacement. In this week’s edition of Tips from the Pros, April Dacas, VP of Len’s Roofing in Bradenton