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WePellet is the first bio-identical hormone therapy practice in Bradenton to offer individualized treatment plans for their patients. We tailor a plan unique to your needs.  WePellet specializes in hormone and vitamin optimization, thyroid stabilization and overall wellness.

Most are not aware that their lack of energy, trouble sleeping, anxiety, and a host of other symptoms can all be improved by balancing their hormones, improving their thyroid function, and increasing their bodies’ vitamin levels. WePellet identifies the areas that need improvement and works with each patient to educate them on what is needed to ensure optimal results.

Your wellness journey begins with a free consultation to learn about our approach followed by a Body Blueprint, a comprehensive lab panel and review. Next, your individualized plan is discussed and you become of member of our exclusive program.

Patients of WePellet have reported better sleep, energy, sex drive, mental clarity, and decreased pain and anxiety.  We specialize in patient education and send time with all our patients to make sure you understand your labs and why we are testing them.  We go over your individualized plan of care at each appointment, monitor your labs closely, and guarantee results