Restaurant Reviews

Café Havana “Home of the Cuban Sandwich”

A Cuban oasis in Bradenton’s Oneco Neighborhood, Café Havana is a frequent stop for Cuban baseball players during spring training.

Hideko Sushi & Thai: Authentic and Noteworthy Thai Culinary Creations

Sushi, Thai or I. Whatever your asian taste may be, Hideko will satisfy.

Tres Amigos: 3 Incredible Mexican Restaurants in Bradenton

If you’re looking for delicious, authentic Mexican food in Bradenton, you can’t go wrong with one of these three popular local restaurants.

Pig Out BBQ & Southern Soul Food is the Bee’s Knees in Bradenton’s BBQ Scene

If delicious smoked meats and classic southern soul food are your jam, you’ll definitely want to pay a visit to Pig Out BBQ – one of west Bradenton’s favorite local restaurants.

Pier 22: Bradenton’s Iconic Waterfront Restaurant

Located in an iconic spot with 144 years of history, Pier 22 is one of Bradenton’s best-known waterfront restaurants.

Food + Beer = Local Grub Hotspot

One Simple Rule – eat FOOD and drink BEER … or WHATEVER! This is the driving principle behind  Casey and Mike’s concept. A food, sports, music, and media playground for those who crave a made-from-scratch meal.

Visiting a Castle in Downtown Bradenton: Chateau 13

A castle or “chateau” is by definition a French country house or vineyard estate. A castle in downtown Bradenton you say? Well, yes.

Restaurant Review: Ragú Cucina Italiana

The restaurant is located in the “Big White House with the Red Roof” on the Green Bridge entrance to the City of Palmetto.

Wilder’s Pizza in Downtown Bradenton: Great Food and So Much More!

Wilder’s Pizza near downtown Bradenton offers delicious food, live entertainment, amazing specials, and even pizza subscriptions!

Happy Soul & Lifted: Delicious Vegan Food & CBD Treats!

If you’re looking for delicious vegan food in the Bradenton area, look no further! Happy Soul, located in Palmetto, serves up delicious food and CBD treats.